If someone was to ask me, “What’s one of your goals in photography?” I‘d tell them it‘s to photograph an unknown person who eventually becomes famous.

The interesting thing about a goal like that is that you don’t know it’s been realised until the person you’ve been photographing becomes well known. Still, that doesn’t stop me shining my little light and trying my best to create awareness.

My eyes are constantly peeled! I’m continually searching for the undeniable. I always find reward in photographing someone or something with a strong ability to communicate and grab the attention of others. At the end of the day my job is to create images that viewers connect with, and the best way I can do that is to photograph those who speak to me the loudest.

Here are a few images of Aria. Aria splits her time between country and beach. While most of us associate these surroundings with a more laid-back lifestyle, Aria is busy – super busy. There’s a lot to do when you’re a creative who seems continually inspired. Aria is an artist! Art is her life. Not only does Aria act, she sings, plays instruments, writes songs, paints, draws and now to my delight, models.

When I first spoke with Aria and her mum Jodi, except for a collection of impressive selfies, modelling wasn’t a part of her life. It still isn’t really – she’s just so busy with other things. However, that’s not to say modelling doesn’t interest her, as I learned when Aria and Jodi came all the way up to visit us here in Queensland. Even though it might not be her first career choice, I have a feeling that modelling may pave the way to either the acting or music career that I’m guessing would bring her far more creative satisfaction.

I know I’m stating the obvious by saying Aria is a natural beauty, but until this test shoot I really had no idea what to expect from her. Sure, I knew Aria’s appearance would lend itself well to photography, but as far as connecting with the camera was concerned I wasn’t fully prepared for just how much raw talent Aria has.

During the test shoot she’d be laughing and goofing around and then as soon as I’d pick up my camera and point it at her Aria would snap into the zone! Some people have an innate and instant sense for what works and Aria is one of them. For me being an artist myself, I find that very inspiring.

When Aria looks at the camera it’s like she’s been there a thousand times before. I’ve seen less communication from models far more experienced. For this test shoot we shot about a hundred frames and I’ve only just started looking at them. So far I’ve shouted, “YES!” 5 times and I’ve probably got a few more in me yet.

I have a feeling that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Aria and I can proudly say I was there at the beginning.










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