Tom Hall Landscape PhotographyIf you’ve been checking out my Facebook account lately you would’ve noticed I’ve been uploading seascape photography. Last year I made the decision to turn wedding photography booking requests down for June and July this year so I could take some time off.

I did plan to initially go back to Victoria and get lost in the Bogong High Plains, but that all went out the window as soon as I captured some seascape images near home a couple of weeks ago.

I loved the results from that exercise so much that I postponed my trip to Victoria so I could photograph even more Seascapes at places farther from home. For the last fortnight I’ve been driving up and down the coast nearly every day visiting some really amazing locations – some I’ve been to before, some I haven’t.

Australia is a stunning country and it’s coastlines are mind-boggling-ly beautiful, so I’ve decided that as the years pass I will attempt to photograph as much of it as possible – when I’m not shooting weddings of course! I admit that capturing all of Australia’s beaches is near impossible, but I’d sure like to try 🙂

As time goes by I will venture further North and South, as well as eventually crossing over to the West to revisit Perth where I spent the first years of my life – all in the effort to build a beautiful Australian Seascape Photography folio.

If you’d like to see some of my favourite images from the last month, please feel free to visit my gallery and take a look. I hope you’ll return often to check out my new works that I plan to create and upload regularly.


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