I’ve been wanting so much to book more country chique weddings with a DIY touch, and when Chris and Kim contacted me telling me about their country wedding, I was delighted! Then when they chose to book me I was over the moon! Not only was the wedding beautiful, but so were they. I feel so privileged that they chose me to photograph their special day!

It’s no wonder I love being a wedding photographer so much!

Chris also took the time to send me a copy of a story he wrote about how he and Kim met inviting me to feel free to show it to whoever, so I’ve included a copy of it here for you to read if you’re keen to read about a guy’s undeniable love for his new wife.


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Sally Davison
August 28, 2013
Fabulous as always Tom! xxxxx
June 29, 2013
Love your work Tom! Great wedding too by the looks of it!
June 5, 2013
You too champ!
Wolvie Ross
June 5, 2013
Not a problem bro. Have a great night!
June 5, 2013
Awesome - Thanks Wolvie!
Wolvie Ross
June 5, 2013
Yeah it is here brother :) Tom.
Wolvie Ross
June 5, 2013
Yeah it is here brother :)
June 5, 2013
Could someone (anyone) please check to see if the Facebook comment box I've just installed on my site is visible? The comment box will be at the very bottom of the blog page and if you're logged into Facebook you should see your own profile picture beside the comment box. If you even feel like leaving a relevant comment there (about the blog) it would be most appreciated! I would like to see if adding this feature to my site is a good idea or not. Thanks so much - hope you're all well!
April 30, 2013
Thanks very much - I go everywhere :)
Rissa Martini
April 21, 2013
These wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You do great work! Do you only do local weddings? I mean, it says, Australian, wedding photography, but I thought I could at least ask ;) (I'm from the US)