Beautiful Wedding Photography is Not About Me

It is so important that the people I photograph understand that beautiful wedding photography is not about me! I’m your wedding photographer to tell your story, not mine.
This is why every wedding I capture looks different. People who book me don’t book a cookie-cutter photographer who works to a recipe. They book a wedding photographer who does his utmost to turn whatever happens into art. After all, I want for you to be able to look back at your wedding photos and see yourselves being exactly that; yourselves.

Sure, at times we might intentionally create images where the photos are as grand, quirky or as classic as possible! Even then it’s important to still remember that the magic happens when people feel free to truly enjoy the moment.

Sure, I’m always there for my clients when they look to me for guidance and direction. My main objective though is to ensure I create an atmosphere where people rarely feel like they need my help. When people are given permission to own their own space, that’s when the great wedding photography happens.

I am there for you, not the other way around!

If you have an urge to dance or jump for joy in the middle of a field because you can’t contain your happiness, then that’s the story I tell. If you simply wish to walk together and talk, and even steal the occasion kiss, then I’m there for you at every step!

I am always there for my clients and I never expect that they’re anything but themselves. Like I said before, beautiful wedding photography is not about me. It’s about you completely enjoying one of the most pivotal days in your life and me being there for you to capture it.






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