Yep, I work as a fulltime Brisbane wedding photographer, but in my spare time I also love to explore everything else I believe is beautiful. It’s a great way for me to unwind, express myself and have total control over the shoot. With weddings I take a somewhat reactive approach, acting more like an observer trying not to interfere too much with the proceedings of the day, but when it comes to a beauty or nature shoot, I get to enjoy more control.

Even though photography is my career, I’m proud to say that it’s also something I love so much that I do in my spare time.

I was sitting at my desk editing some wedding photography from the last few weeks and I suddenly got the urge to get up and go for a drive down south to capture some photographs in NSW. I could’ve happily gone on a seascape tour taking photos of the coastline, but I thought it would be nice to also include a model in the mix.

I got on Facebook and I asked one of my friends, Jasmin if she’d like me to come down to Fingal and be a part of the images. She said yes, and within a few minutes I was out the door and shortly after I was at her place. After another hour or so of driving we finally reached the beach’s car-park. Then on foot we navigated some rather confusing pathways through the scrub until we found our way up to the top of the headland. In my defence I must say it’s been an awfully long time since I used to camp at Fingal, so it would seem my memory of the place has faded somewhat 🙂

Once we found the light house we walked down to the cliff’s edge and laid our gear out on the rocks. Jas opened up her carry bag to show me two gowns she had brought – one black, one white. I thought they were great and considering it was rather windy I knew they’d play well in the breeze!

I had two cameras, a trigger and a flash and the sun was only an hour from setting so we didn’t have a lot time. Just like the last shoot I did with Jasmin, she locked into the zone as soon as I started shooting, and she shone. She’s very much at ease in front of the camera and for me I couldn’t help being inspired. Within a couple of frames my mind was firing off and we were capturing one stunning image after another. Thinking back the only internal dialogue I can remember was how incredibly grateful I felt that everything was falling into place like it was, and being privileged enough to do it while using some really special photographic equipment. To think that over 20 years ago I used to do the same thing using a film SLR that was purchased from K-Mart.

Times have certainly changed and thankfully, so have the results. I hope you’ll enjoy a few of the images I chose from the afternoon.



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