Brisbane Winter Wedding Photography

Let’s talk about Brisbane Winter Wedding Photography (and surrounding areas in Queensland). The last week has been even busier than the weeks before. Daily enquiries have increased tenfold. The same thing happened last year. As soon as signs of Spring began to appear people think about weddings more.  It’s July and today will reach 28 degrees (82.4 fahrenheit). Apparently Mother Nature kicked Winter out of the party early this year. And it’d seem that when Winter’s not around brides start thinking about plans for their own special days again. This has me thinking about Winter and why it doesn’t seem to be as attractive an option as Autumn, Spring and Summer. Perhaps this is where I should step in and offer some insight into why Winter could just be the perfect option for your wedding day.

It rains less in Winter

If you pop over to Bom and check out this climate table you’ll see that June, July, August and September offer the lowest average rainfalls for the year. As far as greatest fears go, the rain falling on a couple’s special day tops them all. Brides and Grooms are often very concerned about rain. Personally it doesn’t bother me, but what does bother me is when my clients are not enjoying their wedding as much as they could. When it rains and people start crying, it becomes more of a challenge for me to photograph joy. I like challenges, but not those ones. 

The light is softer

If you’ve ever watched the sun in winter you would’ve noticed that it never passes overhead. In Australia the sun in the cooler months moves from East to West much lower through the sky than in Summer. If you haven’t noticed here’s a helpful diagram 🙂

Brisbane Winter Wedding Photography

The lower angle of the sun means softer and less intense light. When it comes to wedding photography softer light is great – especially on things like skin and light coloured clothing.

No sweat

People wear more clothing at a wedding. If you think back to the last time you were so hot that shorts and a t-shirt didn’t seem to make things more bearable, you’ll probably recall you were sweating. Now imagine how much more sweat you would’ve produced if someone had told you to wear more layers. Sweat at a wedding is not a great look. It doesn’t look good on clothing and it certainly doesn’t look good mixed with makeup. It leaves a lot of people flustered and that’s not the kind of emotion most associate with a wedding day. You won’t have that problem at a winter wedding. 

Easily fixed

In Summer in Queensland if you’re not in air-conditioning there’s a fair chance it’s hot. Unless you’re happy diving in a fountain or running under a hose in your wedding dress, then there’s really nothing else you can do about it. When people can’t escape the heat they feel trapped which for some is an overwhelming experience. At least in Winter, if it’s cold you can put on extra layers like a beautiful shall and guys can throw on a jacket and a scarf. It’s so much easier to layer-up the clothing and fight the cold than it is to escape the heat on a wedding day. 

Less Competition 

There are less weddings in Winter. This means that if you’re going off-site for photos you’re less likely to run into lots of other bridal parties. This increases your chances of having access to the photo locations you love. I often shoot weddings up in Maleny. In the warmer months if we’re shooting at “One Tree Hill” it’s not uncommon for there to be a line-up of bridal parties. No one likes waiting for their turn to be photographed at a famous landmark. Competing with other bridal parties for access to photo locations reduces photo time. It’s a far better option to be able to arrive, shoot, then leave and go on to the next location. Let’s face it, everyone wants variety in their wedding collection, but if you’re standing around for half an hour waiting to shoot at “your” spot, that’s not as easy.

It Can Often Be Cheaper

In spite of there being so many positives, Winter weddings are still considered to be “off-season”. Because of this it’s not uncommon for some wedding venues and suppliers to offer incentives to secure bookings in the quieter months. Not everyone does, but if you’ve got any chance of enjoying a discount or some kind of bonus, you’re more likely to do so if you’re planning a Winter wedding. 

We Live In Queensland

If you’re still unsure about Winter being an option for your wedding day it might help to consider that we live in Queensland. Winter here is not like winter in other places. Like I mentioned before, today will reach 28 deg. OK sure, that might be unseasonal, but the average for this time of year in QLD is still a very comfortable 20-24 degrees.

Thanks Murphy!

So, I think I’ve made a darn good case for why Brisbane Winter Wedding Photography is so great. However, there is something else I must acknowledge: Murphy’s Law! He often has a knack for crashing the party when we least expect it. Just when nothing looks like it could go wrong, it does. No matter how well you plan your event please know that it’s almost impossible to create a contingency for
every situation. Yes, it can rain in Winter and yes the cold can be uncomfortable, but look on the bright side; if a cold and unseasonal storm manifests on your winter wedding day, at least your photos will look amazing 🙂

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