Cloudland is a Heavenly Venue for a Wedding Photographer

I’ve photographed a few weddings at Cloudland Brisbane and every time a new client books me for the venue I get excited. With each new visit I discover so many new things to photograph. It’s an inspiring place that results in the kind of imagery I feel blessed to capture. When I’m there it’s not uncommon for me to look at the back of the camera and blurt, “Yes!” It seems that everywhere I turn I’m capturing scenes that make me gasp.

As breathtaking as Cloudland is there’s something that impresses me even more than the design of the venue. It’s the fact that every time I visit I get the strong impression I’m welcome. Their wedding coordinator Jenni Bentley is Brisbane’s best! As far as Brisbane City venues go, I haven’t met anyone who is more passionate about what she does. What’s even more impressive is how naturally hospitality seems to come to her. I’m just the photographer, but still she makes every effort to ensure that I have everything I need. If she’s doing that for me, then you can imagine the kind of care and attention she’s giving to her clients.

What’s more, her staff help to set the kind of tone that makes for a much happier and more relaxed atmosphere. Cloudland is not just a great looking venue, it’s a great looking venue that strives to ensure it’s guests feel right at home. Sure, Cloudland’s a catchy name, but I hope they don’t mind me dubbing it; Brisbane’s Wonderland! It’s a truly amazing place.


Cloudland Photos

cloudland wedding photos

Cloudland WeddingCloudland Wedding PhotosCloudland Wedding by Tom Hall


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