Don’t book me if you’re not in love with each other!

I’m a professional photographer and it pays my bills, and sure, I need bookings as much as the next guy, but I am also passionate about what I do and the reasons for it; the most important being that I find it highly rewarding.

I shoot weddings because love fascinates me.

I could’ve become a landscape photographer, gotten some distribution deals and made a killing doing that. I could’ve jumped on the pet photography bandwagon and made $1200 per frame. I could’ve even become a famous boutique portrait photographer and made $1m/yr, but I chose weddings because I live to photograph people who absolutely love each other!

I feel a sense of honour that I’ve been asked to capture the kind of bonds that are so strong people are compelled to commit for life! I shoot weddings because I want to create the kind of photos that couples can look at and be reminded of the joy they share and the fact that out of all the billions of people they could’ve ended up with, they found and chose to be with one another.

Please know this: If you’re getting married for any other reason than true love then I’m not the person to photograph you and you should book someone else – someone who doesn’t care about why they’re a wedding photographer. The paths in life we choose in my humble opinion should be based on so many more elements than just how much money we’ll make from walking down them.

Like all of us I need money – it’s important, but I also need to be true to myself. Photographing two people who have no chemistry and no obvious passion for one another is not something I’m interested in. The knowledge that what I do is valued and treasured is something I find more rewarding.


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