Engagement Photography the Hmong Way

When Susan and Pao booked me for their wedding and engagement photography I had no idea that I was in for such a treat. Leading up to the engagement session Susan told me that they’d both be wearing traditional Hmong clothing. I got onto Google straight away and I was instantly excited. The embroidered pieces I saw online were breathtaking! I was really looking forward to being able to create with such an amazing colour palette.

On the day of the engagement shoot the weather was wet, foggy and grey. I must admit I was a tiny bit concerned that the very limited visibly might be an issue. After all, you couldn’t see anything more than 20 metres away.

However, not long after we started shooting the fog lifted enough that some detail became visible in the valley. You could even see the mist rising from the trees. The scenery went from being drab to fab in about 5 minutes.

Their colourful embroidery popped against the background. Their clothing was beautiful, sure, but what I really loved most was that Susan and Pao were so present. They share something truly special. I couldn’t help being swept up by it. Nothing inspires me more than two people who love each other so much. When people are able to forget about everything else around them, that’s when the magic happens.

When the connection is that strong I need not say anything. I just shoot.

Even though the engagement shoot was only yesterday and I’ve got lots of wedding photography editing to do, I still managed to find enough time to process these two frames.

I want to thank Susan and Pao for flying down to be photographed by me. I always feel so honoured when people travel so far to work with me . Thank you!


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