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To Situa and Tau,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to photograph your wedding!

I have seen many people marry and along the way I have experienced many different things. Sometimes I learn lessons and sometimes I see moments unfold that I will never forget. On occasion I  share with my clients the effect their day had on me. Weddings leave a strong imprint on me in some way or another.

I have photographed many nationalities, but yours was the first full islander wedding (bride and groom) I have ever had the honour of being a part of. Thank you for entrusting that very special task to me.

So what did I take away from the experience of photographing your wedding? I learnt many things in fact!

1. Varnished Kukui Nuts will make it through customs – LOL. I put that necklace around my neck at the Fiji airport, prayed on the plane they wouldn’t take it off me, and as I declared it I held it tight and didn’t let go until they said it was OK to bring it in. 🙂 It now hangs on my wall!2. Spend 3 days in Fiji and you’ll hear the word “Bula” a thousand times and still not get sick of it! I would actually walk around hoping to catch the eye of someone just so I could say it! Then when you Tau taught me how to say Vinaka, I was blurting that out everywhere as well.3. I honestly thought I knew what happiness was before I went to Fiji! Now I know there’s always room for more smiles and I need to give myself more permission to be happier!4. Family is so important!
The relationship you all have with each other made me feel like I still have much to learn about unity!Even though so many of the words I heard throughout the day I did not understand, I could still sense their sentiment and the love from which they were spoken!If all cultures were as supportive of each other as what I witnessed at your wedding, the world would be such a better place to live! I saw a freedom of spirit among you all that made me think I need to open my heart so much more!Your friends and family are a credit to you and made me feel welcome and so very much a part of the day!I will now go back to editing your images and I will post a few more sneak peaks if that’s OK :)You’re all beautiful people!Fa’afetai tele lavaTom

P.S. BULA!!!!!!!!!


more images to come…

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