FREE Location Reshoot

“This knot we tie beneath the rain,
Is harder to undo.
So hold me while it falls on us,
Until we get soaked through.”

– Tom Hall


I captured the image above on the evening of Nic and Nic’s wedding. It had been a really wet day – so wet in fact we couldn’t go anywhere during the afternoon for location photos. When it became clear that it wasn’t even going to stop that evening, I asked them if they’d brave the rain quickly for a night-time downpour photo.  I really wanted to ensure they had something from the actual day that told the story of how the weather just wouldn’t let up.

After we snagged this frame (and ran back inside), I asked Nic and Nic to come back to Maleny in better weather for the post ceremony location wedding photos we were meant to capture that afternoon.

Existing clients of mine who marry on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane all have the option to reshoot their post ceremony location wedding photos (on a weekday afternoon) if it’s raining too hard on their actual wedding day. If you haven’t seen my video where I talk about bridal couple reshoots, I offer this as a free service to give my clients peace of mind. It’s essential my clients get the whole collection.

Nic and Nic were happy to get ready again on a weekday afternoon and return to Maleny.  Thankfully the weather was amazing yesterday!

I’ll be sure to upload some more images from the afternoon as I process them.




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