It’s been a couple of years since I photographed a Glengariff Estate Wedding.

It’s a very well loved and beautiful venue, and when Brendan and Jessica asked me to photograph their wedding there I got really excited. The grounds are stunning and the rooms upstairs; amazing. I don’t think there’s a single place at Glengariff that can’t be used to create a great wedding photo. You can always tell when a wedding venue is awesome when you can’t get your camera out fast enough.

I must also add that the staff there are great. They were kind, helpful and patient! It’s not uncommon for me to see wait staff walking around with their bottom lips on the ground, but at Glengariff the staff genuinely look like they want to be there and love what they do. I’ve said that about a few venues lately, and it’s nice to know that some in the wedding industry still care so deeply about creating a memorable and wonderful experience for everyone who visits – including those annoying photographers.

Jessica looked lovely in her 40’s inspired dress and styling. When I saw the wedding dress hanging in her room I got really inspired. It’s no secret I love vintage, so to see that Jess had married her look so perfectly with the venue left me in creative bliss.

I’ve just started looking at the images from the day, and came across this one that we captured before the ceremony. No doubt I will find a swagger more wedding photos that I want to share, but until then please enjoy this one 🙂



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