What an amazing week it’s been!

Winning 4 wedding photography accolades, including an APPA Gold, an APPA Silver Distinction and 2 APPA Silvers at the 37th Canon AIPP APPA national awards has left me more than comfortably numb!

To top off that amazing news, I was also just announced by the AIPP as one of the top three (3) wedding photographers in Australia for 2013!


I remember back to a time when all I wanted in the world was to be a professional – an accredited and qualified wedding photographer. Now that I’ve become an Associate of the AIPP and won these awards, I honestly can’t believe how much further I’ve come than any of my wildest dreams had ever taken me. I finally feel like I’ve achieved something in my career. It’s always been a thing for me to seek the acceptance of my peers. Maybe that’s a weakness, but regardless, it’s one of the things that’s kept me striving and jumping over the hurdles one at a time. Trust me when I say that there are a lot of hurdles in this industry! The other things that have kept me focussed (pardon the pun) have been my wife, proving to my fiends that quitting music was a good move, making people happy, having a job that’s truly rewarding, and wanting to fulfil my creative potential. I love to create!

Listen to me, you’d think I’d won Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year, lol. Still, sharing second place makes all of those sleepless nights TOTALLY worthwhile, and I can’t help but say I feel pretty awesome right now!!

THANK YOU so much to my wife for her patience and honesty, to my family for their incredible support, to my friends for keeping me focussed, to my clients for inspiring me, and to the AIPP and respective judges for their continued and constructive advice.

Congrats to my fellow wedding photographers; Ky Luu and Todd Hunter McGaw

To see the announcement please go to: 2:44:00 on the video below!

The 2013 AIPP Gala Dinner from AIPP TV on Vimeo.

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