Kalbar and Brisbane Wedding

Like nearly every other couple planning a wedding during the onset of the pandemic, Stacey and Tyson had two choices; reschedule or keep their original date and hope for the best. Thankfully they chose the latter. When I spoke with Stacey before the wedding day she seemed determined to enjoy the day no matter what.  Nothing was getting in the way of their Kalbar and Brisbane wedding!

No doubt Stacey and Tyson must’ve gone through a lot leading up to the big day, yet still, in spite of everything COVID-19 could throw at them, they kept their sights firmly fixed on becoming husband and wife! 

Thankfully their determination to marry no matter what paid off. By the time their wedding day arrived restrictions had been significantly lifted. Life seemed as close to normal as anyone had lived during the previous 6 months.

It’s no wonder why I walked through the door at Stacey’s Kalbar and Brisbane wedding day preparations and was greeted with beaming smiles and warm welcomes. I can only imagine how relieved everyone must’ve felt knowing the wedding day was finally here.

This wedding was so joyful it was impossible for me not to get swept up by all the happiness. Whenever I think of Stacey and Tyson’s beautiful Kalbar and Brisbane Wedding I’ll remember a day I wish I had many more of. I’m so grateful I got to photograph their beautiful and very happy wedding. 

Venue: White Chapel Kalbar

Celebrant: Angela Galantai

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