Saturday I was up early so I could travel to Kingaroy and after 3 hours of driving I arrived in time for Letia’s wedding preparations. Letia the bride was busy having her hair done and the bride’s maids were being made over by their sister who was quite skilled with a makeup brush. The family were very warm, open and hospitable and this made it incredibly easy for me to quickly fit in and document the morning. We then left for the ceremony. This is when I very briefly got to meet Max the groom and in no time at all Letia was walking down the isle. After the ceremony we drove to the old Kingaroy train station where I photographed the wedding party as well as capturing a couple of images down on the old train tracks. We then went to Mulanah Gardens which is a little way out of town, but completely worth the drive. The rain had subsided just enough to capture some images around the property and then we were off to Booie Bello Vista for the reception. Now this place is gorgeous and the food is very good. I don’t usually go on about venues, but this one is a gem! If you’re looking to go somewhere lovely for dinner in the South Bernett I would thoroughly recommend it.  Before I knew it, the bride and groom had cut the cake, said their speeches and danced the bridal waltz. I had covered the whole day and now it was time to drive home. I said goodbye and a little over three hours later I was hitting the sheets and sleeping like a baby 🙂

Tom Hall

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