Why do I love being a professional wedding photographer? Cause no job is ever the same. Most of the time I work and Maleny, but every now and again I take trips away. Some smaller than others. I photographed a wedding in Kingscliffe, NSW on the weekend which wasn’t too far, but it was far enough away that it gave me the opportunity to create using a new backdrop.

This was also another one of those “never met the couple” jobs, but as well as that I actually had never physically spoken to Tim or Charlotte on the phone before hand either. They basically told me where I’d be going and I handled the rest. I used to get a little anxious in those situations, but now I love shoots where I don’t know what to expect. That’s not to say I don’t like to be prepared, but I figure if I can be comfortable in both scenarios then everything after that is a bonus!

Tim and Charlotte are a great couple. Really easy going and a breeze to work with. The day ran like clockwork – everything happened exactly as it should’ve. It’s funny, but weddings usually do just fall into place.

Here are a few images I’ve edited so far.

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