Love is Art

They say that art is that which evokes an emotional response. If that’s the case, I can’t think of anything more artistic than love. Love is Art! Love evokes more emotion than anything else! My whole life evolves around shining a light on love and all it’s greatness. Yes, it’s my job, but if I wasn’t a wedding photographer I can assure you I’d find some other way of drawing people’s attention to it. I’ve always been emotionally governed – in love with love. I’m not suggesting love’s always been good to me – it hasn’t, but no matter how tough things have gotten for me in the past I’ve never discounted love as the most significant and important feeling we can experience. Without it, we have nothing!

So naturally I’m inspired by people who become swept up by that magical four letter word. While I’m pointing a camera at those who are lost in each other, nothing else matters to me. Capturing those kind of moments are what I live for. Love is literally what gets me out of bed every day! In a perfect world I’ll live out my days photographing people hopelessly in-love with each other. If that’s the plan for me then I’d have to say I’m well and truly ok with it 🙂

Here’s a little piece we created on the weekend. Greg and Chrissy met in the paint section of Bunnings! As soon as they told me their story at our meeting I threw this idea out there. Thankfully they loved the suggestion and now they have this image to forever help to celebrate where their relationship began! After being a wedding photographer for almost 9 years and hearing so many of my client’s stories, I’ve learned that love can appear anywhere! It doesn’t care where!

Love is Art and I’m confident Greg and Chrissy will continue to create it forever – together!

Love is Art - Gold Coast Wedding Photographer - Tom Hall

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