I love Melbourne Wedding Photography! The last time I was in Melbourne was in 2000. Back then I was on a show called “Starstruck” ¬†chasing a career in music as a singer. I knew it was a pretty place, but I was in a different headspace back then. I certainly didn’t see it in the way I did this month. Nat and Latoya flew me down to Melbourne to photograph their wedding. I even got to take my wife Sarah with me which was something I was so grateful for.

The day we arrived we drove around looking at locations within the city and I found myself falling in love at first, second, third and fourth sight, etc. Everywhere we went I could see a backdrop that inspired me. That whole day I kept thinking, “I wish I had more bookings down here! I could create endless magic in this place! I could totally get addicted to this whole Melbourne Wedding Photography scene!”

On the day of the wedding I finally got to meet Nat and Latoya and instantly I felt like part of their families. Everyone I met were so nice to me, so warm, so welcoming! They were all so lovely that I ¬†forgot that I was in an unknown environment working with people I had never met before. I felt so at home in everyone’s company!

Throughout the day I would continually find myself smiling from ear to ear – so appreciative of the fact that I have such an amazing job – finally creating my interoperation of Melbourne Wedding Photography :). I love being a wedding photographer, and every wedding I photograph I become more aware just how privileged I am to have all of these amazing experiences! The day was stunning! Nat and Latoya are so in love, and being in their company opened me up to an even greater understanding of where love can take people.

It took us to Melbourne and I hope it takes us there again really soon.




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