Moments So Beautiful

I had the honour of photographing the most undeniable intimacy between a couple on their wedding day. I had to stop shooting at one stage and go and hug them while I wiped away tears and expressed my sincerest gratitude that they had chosen me to share in their very special wedding. I haven’t cried at work in so long, but what they were sharing in front of my camera caught me off guard.

I crave to photograph this kind of connection every time I set off to shoot a wedding; moments where the rest of the world disappears for the couple – like no one else is there. Moments so beautiful it’s as if they haven’t seen each other in a year. Moments that outwardly reflect how they can’t possibly imagine a life apart. Moments that are so heart-touching my viewfinder fogs up while I work.

I understand that we all love in different ways, and that just because visible passion isn’t always evident, it doesn’t mean love isn’t overflowing. However, as a photographer who retells stories and the bonds people create – visually – these expressions of love are an absolute career highlight for me!

I will never forget how much Cian and Matthew poured their hearts out to each other in front of my camera!

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your incredible and overwhelmingly beautiful wedding day. It floored me and taught me that just when I think I’ve got it all worked out someone can always come along and teach me that I don’t know as much as I think I do! I definitely learned something new on that day! Thanks you two!


Photographer: @tomhallphotography

Makeup: @suemclaurinmakeup

Hair: @candice_stylecreations

Venue: @victoriapark

Celebrant: @ceremoniesbyleisa

Dress: @weddingdresswonderland

Florist: @madame_bloom

Cake: Karlee’s Kupcakes

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