I first visited the town when I was a teenager and to this day it holds a very special place in my heart. Every time I return memories come flooding back and I can’t help feeling an immense sense of joy when I’m there. A big part of why I love the place so much must be attributed to my first girlfriend, Rebecca.

I met Bec on a Summer camping trip to Fingal (another one of my favourite places).

Before I found out where Bec lived I was hoping she’d say she lived up the road from me in Brisbane, but it turns out Rebecca lived in the little volcano town south of the border. Even though there was some distance between us it didn’t deter me from wanting to spend as much time around her as possible. Actually, the distance was nothing! If I’d found out she lived in Cardiff I still would’ve found a way to be with her.

So every weekend I could scrape some money together I would travel from Brisbane to Mur-bah. It gave me the opportunity to get to know the area really well. The amazing thing is that even though those days were so long ago, every time I return it feels like it was only yesterday. I guess once Murwillumbah gets under your skin it never leaves you.

So why do I want to shoot weddings in Murwillumbah? Well, it makes my heart sing and that has such a positive affect on my work. Everything I know about Murwillumbah involved me being in love so it only makes sense that I photograph weddings there.

If you’re planning to celebrate your wedding in stunning Murwillumbah, please be sure to consider booking me. I’ll be there with bells on.

Muwillumbah-Wedding-PhotographerMurwillumbah Wedding Photographer

Murwillumbah Wedding Photographer


Murwillumbah Wedding Photographer


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