Summergrove Estate Wedding

Krista-Lee and Beau-Daniels booked me back in the very beginning of 2020, just before the world went and got itself in a right royal mess. 

After Covid-19 restrictions hit, I received emails from all of my clients. That was except for Krista-Lee and Beau. They were literally the only couple who didn’t once contact me to express concerns about the pandemic. Considering their wedding was in NSW and the borders were repeatedly being closed made their silence even more intriguing. Who were these people? How could they not be worried? What would happen if the borders were closed and we couldn’t get to the venue? Why hadn’t they randomly called me at midnight in a cold anxiety sweat?

Usually I’d email my clients to make sure everything was OK, but honestly, I loved that they weren’t freaking out! I’d already lost so much business thanks to this virus, and every time I’d receive that dreaded “we have to cancel” email, running a business felt that little bit harder. The fact that I had one couple who weren’t worried was something I really needed in my life.

First Chat

When I finally spoke with my seriously relaxed clients I asked Krista-Lee why they was so chilled, and her response was, “It doesn’t really matter where we get married, as long as we’re married!” How could I not be inspired by that? How could I not be excited to spend the day with them and photograph that kind of love?

Even if the borders were closed on the morning of their wedding they still would’ve found a way to have a wedding. Even if it meant we were all witnessing the couple’s sheer determination to tie the knot right next to border control personnel.

Thankfully it didn’t turn out like that. Thankfully their wedding was uninterrupted by restrictions or border closures. Their unwavering determination paid off.

I loved being a part of Krista-Lee and Beau’s wedding. It’s a day I know I’ll never forget. They were genuinely the loveliest people anyone could possibly meet, and so obviously head over heals in love with each other. Nothing was ever getting in their way, no matter what.

Photo: @tomhallphotography
Makeup: @rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty
Hair: @aleeshadarkehairstylist
Florals: @wildebotanicals
Venue: @summergroveestate
Videography: @uneekcreative
Celebrant: @bc_celebrant
Gown: @madilanebridal

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