Jaclyn and Ben were well and truly blessed on their Sunshine Coast wedding day. 

All morning the weather was miserable. The beautiful views that are usually visible from the balcony of the Montville Lake Terrace were non-existent. There was nothing to see but grey. It was the kind of weather that often disappoints brides and grooms, but not Jaclyn and Ben!

They had their minds set on enjoying their wedding day no matter what happened.

I left prep and headed to the chapel while it was still raining. The drive was slow because I could barely see in front of me. It didn’t seem like the rain was going to let up! Usually if I’m driving to the ceremony in weather like that I always imagine people are going to be sad, but that just never happened at this wedding. 

All through the ceremony it was raining outside, but inside there was love and laughter! Then just as Jaclyn and Ben were announced husband and wife the rain stopped. 

Everyone mingled outside for a while, while I ran up to the reception to capture images of the beautiful room. The whole time I kept thinking, “Please don’t rain yet!”

Once reception starts no one cares if it’s pouring outside, so I kept my fingers crossed it would wait until then.

I managed to capture all the family and friends photos outside. Still no rain. All the guests got up to the balcony just in time! 

Then it started to pour again. 

The bridal part and I went back to the chapel and captured images inside, all while the guests enjoyed canapés upstairs. I said to Jaclyn, “I’m happy to come back on another day and reshoot the location images if you’d rather stay here in the chapel”.

I really didn’t expect her response, “I don’t care if it rains, let’s just go out and do the photos. I’m not getting ready like this again!”
Honestly, I thought it was risky, but I also couldn’t help but admire her determination! 

As soon as we got to the first location the rain stopped again! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Then at One Tree Hill the rain still hadn’t fallen. Somehow Jaclyn’s determination to create those photos no matter what kept the rain away. I know that sounds silly to say, but it sure felt like it at the time. Jaclyn’s resolve seem to have worked. 

Jaclyn and Ben are a legendary couple. It could’ve been blowing a gale and I still think they would’ve gotten out there in the thick of it! Now they have really beautiful pictures and I’m so happy for them that they made the choice to take a chance. It sure paid off!

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