Thank You Mrs Woods

The more I work in Maleny the more inspired I become. When you mix joy and love with the beauty that Maleny has in spades, the results will always be magical. Maleny just floors me every time. I completely love it.  This might be my fourth blog about the place and it certainly won’t be my last.

This time I’d like to thank Mrs Woods for being so gracious in allowing me to access her stunning property “One Tree Hill” over the years. Her generosity has enabled me to create so many of my favourite images. One Tree Hill has been the backdrop to so many wedding photos and I’d have to say of all the trees in SEQ, this one is no doubt the most photographed. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for Mrs Woods.

Mrs Woods is an amazing lady who is wholeheartedly committed to her community. Not only does she allow people like me to use her property, but when we give her money to access it, she donates it to charity. How wonderful is that!

Mrs Woods positively affects so many people’s lives and for that I have nothing but the highest level of gratitude! Thank you Florence!


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