What a great night.

Winning state and national AIPP awards is a recognition of my peers and is purely based on photographic ability (for which I am truly blown away by), but to be ranked so highly by my clients via wedding industry surveys means the absolute world to me! An average score of 99.48% satisfaction is surreal.

Thanks again – I really, really appreciate all the love and support I’ve received in the last year as well as the years before when I was still a bit of a novice prancing around with a really expensive camera.

When you all share your wonderful comments it really makes me float. I know I’ve said that before, but hearing you tell me you love what I do will never, I repeat NEVER go unappreciated! All I want is to make sure my clients LOVE the way they see themselves through my eyes, and my supporters love to see that other people have great stories worth telling.

I love my job and I love it when my clients sometimes hug and kiss me as I leave at the end of the night. I feel like I matter and for someone who (some may be surprised to know this) is not an entirely confident person, your appreciation and warmth makes me feel like my being around is justified. Yeah, I’m getting romantic again, but I’m appreciating my life at the moment and the fact that I have so much support. I love your support!

Sometimes I catch some of you out sharing my photos on your own pages and saying some of the nicest things. Some of you owe me a few boxes of Kleenex! The fact you’re spreading the Tom Hall Photography brand really helps.

Those who know me have worked out by now that I’m not your average run of the mill blokey bloke and yeah, I cry sometimes at weddings (among other occasions), but I figure if I was anyone else things just might not have felt this good!

I hope you’ll all stick with me and follow me as I discover more of this amazing life – even if that means you see me make the biggest mistakes and even a fool of myself doing things I’d wish I had a time machine to be able to undo. While saying that though, I hope you get to see me do some things that will make you smile, inspire some of you to believe that ANYONE can make something from nothing, or just to simply entertain you for a couple of seconds every now and again.

I don’t plan to change the world, but I do plan to make a positive difference no matter how small that may be.
I love my family, I love my friends, and oh my God I so love my wife, so thank you again – to all of you – from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Love Tom