I can’t help looking at this wedding photo and feeling privileged. The privilege of being a wedding photographer is never lost with me. How could it be? I share in the most incredible moments of people’s lives. I’m forever thinking, “Wow, I was just a part of that!!” Jenny’s wedding was filled with moments that made me think just that.

I walked outside the house and turned around to see Jennifer’s dad holding her for the last time before she was married. It floored me! I see a lot of emotion. It’s my job to look for it, but even though I’m there to find those special moments, sometimes they still catch me emotionally off-guard. This was a moment in Jenny and her dad’s life that no one else shared on the day but me (and I’m not even sure they knew I was there). This is a moment they’ll both remember forever and the fact I was able to experience and capture it fills me with loads of joy. I can’t help but feel honoured.

Being a wedding photographer is an amazing job and the fact that the universe has somehow steered me in this direction leaves me feeling like I have nothing but gratitude to feel. Thank you so much Jenny for booking me. It seemed like every wonderful thing that could’ve happened on your wedding day, did.



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