Tim and Tammie booked me online and a couple of weeks before the big day it was time for us to meet. It was the night of the Aerosmith concert at the Boondall Entertainment Centre! How do I remember that? Cause Tim and Tammie called me on their way to see me and told me they were stuck in traffic! Nudgee’s Gateway bottleneck had claimed two more victims, so we stayed on the phone together until I’d successfully directed them through a rather large detour to my place. It was then I knew I was going to like working with them. A lot of people would stress in that situation – knowing they weren’t going to get to a meeting on time, but not Tim and Tammie. It gave me a pretty good indication that stress probably wouldn’t be a contributing factor to their wedding day.

When we finally met that evening I found out that not only were they incredibly stress-free, but also effortlessly personable, full of life, and totally in love with each other to boot. Everyone who’s followed my work in the past knows I love photographing couples who are crazy keen on each other.  Considering the feelings they so obviously shared for each other, the fact they were a breeze to get along with, as well as being super casual – and easy on the eye I might add, made me feel like I’d struck gold! I was one happy wedding photographer !

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better though, I got to the venue. The Bunyip Scenic Rim Resort is officially my newest favourite country wedding venue! Even though I’m a Brisbane Wedding Photographer and seem to book more weddings around the city, every now and again I get the pleasure of being invited to cover events that are in the country, which is something I absolutely love! The Bunyip was one of those places. It has a modernist industrial feel that juxtaposes perfectly against it’s bush surrounds. The view is incredible and if I might add, the lawn is one of the best kept I’ve ever seen. Considering I’ve been trying really hard to create a nice front lawn myself, as soon as I saw what Rob had achieved, I was instantly green with envy (pun intended). As well as being a beautiful place with heavenly views, The Bunyip is owned by Rob and Marina who are a really sweet couple. It’s so obvious they care about their clients and love what they do. Every member of The Bunyip’s staff were also pleasant to me personally and extremely helpful! They were actually so nice to me that I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. It takes a lot for me to sing a venue’s praises and I have to say that The Bunyip has completely won me over.  I hope to work there again!

Anyway, back to Tim and Tammie.

On the morning of the big day I arrived at the venue and got a chance to see the reception room fully decorated. That’s when the penny dropped: Tim and Tammie, like Brangelina had their own name combination and once I’d seen it I felt a little slow on the uptake; TimTam. So obviously that was the theme of the day. TimTam was well and truly on show and you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing the Arnott’s classic biscuit. Even the wedding cake was a stack of Arnott’s TimTam packets – priceless!

I captured some images of the room and then went to cover the bridal prep. After prep, the big moment had arrived and I was out photographing the guests arriving and Tim waiting for his other half to appear. The weather was awesome. Overcast and no rain! Basically everything that could go well, went well. I was in my element! Great couple, great location, great guests, quirky theme and great weather! For everything to align so perfectly like that really topped off the whole experience.

After a very joyous ceremony we went off site for some post ceremony portraits, making the most of the glorious country surrounds.

Photographing Tim and Tam made me a little emotional. I’m a pro and I’ve been doing this for a while, so it would be understandable for someone to assume that I’ve become “used” to being in the company of so much love and emotion, but that isn’t the case. I have to unashamedly admit that every now and again I briefly get caught off guard and swept up a little in the emotion that my couples are sharing. I love it when I feel like I’m capturing a moment that genuinely means something, let alone moment after moment after moment. It’s a honour! I say it over and over again, but only cause it’s so true! I feel so much gratitude when two people choose to express their love for each other in my company! A lot of couples don’t even do that in front of their closest friends. It’s a unique job and working with TimTam reminded me once again why this Brisbane Wedding Photographer feels so privileged doing what he does.

As I only photographed the wedding yesterday, obviously I haven’t completely their collection, but I will post some more of their wedding photos here as they’re completed. So like always, stay tuned!



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June 30, 2013
Ohhh just love this... Love him with a camera :)
Stunning shots, looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection!