Chauffeuring Dreams in a Wedding Limousine

While following Luke and Emily who are being chauffeured to the reception, we pull up at the lights and once again I witness how the institution of marriage hasn’t lost it’s charm.

Being a wedding photographer, I’ve followed the odd wedding limousine or two over the years and every time I do I see exactly the same thing. As soon as people notice that ribbon on the bonnet they stop in their tracks and stare, desperately trying to get a glimpse of the bride. Mums, dads, kids, otherwise uninterested teens, and yes, even tough looking tradies in their hi-vis gear can’t help but look, hoping to see that lady wearing a wedding dress in the back seat.

It’s very much a part of our culture to hold a bride in a kind of reverence. The only other times people seem to get that excited is when a celebrity’s out and about, or Santa’s driving past in the back of a ute. No one ever tells us we should react that way when we see a wedding limousine, but for some reason so many of us experience a real curiosity and excitement when one is near.

Personally, I think people subconsciously see the bride as a reflection of everything good, and find it impossible not to get swept up by all that beauty and the idea of happily-ever-afters. It’s a vision that brings with it a real feeling of positivity – almost like that car is brimming with all that’s great about life and love!

I never get tired of watching people struck with awe in the middle of the street, regardless of their age, gender, race or background. Call me an over zealous optimist, but it puts a smile on my face every time because I can’t help but believe that as long as people are swept up by such images of happiness and hope, all is not lost with society.

If you ever get married, I recommend you ask your chauffeur to take the long way through town, wind the window down and wave at all the people whose day you’ll surely make! I have no doubt seeing all those happy faces would fill you with even more joy as well.

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