Wedding Photographer in Brisbane

I’ve had the honour of photographing more than 400 weddings. That’s over 800 people who have invited me to share in their amazing experiences. I love creating photos everywhere, but I especially love being a wedding photographer in Brisbane!

Wedding photography is my life! Unlike the majority of photographers in Brisbane, I photograph weddings full-time. You’d be surprised just how few Brisbane photographers specialise in weddings. I was surprised to discover that I’m one of few who have the privilege of calling it their only career. I couldn’t imagine being anything else but a Wedding Photographer.

I’ve seen a lot of events over the past decade and they’ve all been awesome! I know when it comes time to hang up my camera I’ll have witnessed enough stories to write a few books. So, throughout all of those experiences what have I discovered about being a Wedding Photographer in Brisbane and what am I drawn to?

Beautiful Brisbane

Firstly, Brisbane is such a beautiful place to create! There are many locations throughout the city that lend themselves perfectly to wedding photography! Here is my current top list of some of the popular locations couples and wedding photographers love to visit for their wedding photos.

  1. Queen Street Mall
  2. Howard Smith Wharves
  3. Goma
  4. City Botanic Gardens
  5. Government House
  6. Eagle Street Pier
  7. Teneriffe
  8. New Farm Park
  9. Powerhouse
  10. Kangaroo Point

Of course there are so many other inspiring places for a wedding photographer in Brisbane to create images. The options are endless. and only limited by your imagination and comfort zones.

What I’m Drawn To

I love photographing love! I concede that “love” is open to interpretation, but from my perspective it’s whatever enables a couple to be present with each other and connected to whichever moment they share. When a couple forget about me and feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist, I get so inspired! I can’t help but feel immense joy for a couple when I can see them experiencing so much love and happiness together. It’s an honour to capture those moments and to know that they can enjoy and happily relive them forever.

My own wedding was amazing! Our special day was filled with so much happiness! Every time I photograph someone else’s wedding I’m reminded of that. I’m so grateful that every time I photograph two people in love I can completely relate! It’s so wonderful being married and when I see couples on the first day of their journey being swept up by all that joy, I feel so happy for them! I want that feeling for everyone!

Kate and Alex

When I sat down to write a blog about Kate and Alex’ beautful Riverlife wedding the first thing I thought of was how blessed I was to be a part of it. It’s the reason this article started out mentioning how great Brisbane is, what I’m drawn to and why I’m so grateful to be a wedding photographer.

I felt so lucky all day at their wedding. I’d often catch myself out goofily smiling from ear to ear as I watched them together. Here are two people who are absolutely besotted with each other and I couldn’t help but be swept up by their relationship! They’re the kind of couple that give you hope and reassure you that there’s still so much that’s right about the world. I can’t imagine anyone not being happy in their company! Everyone’s love and support for them was so obvious. A stranger would’ve noticed that everyone at that wedding wants the best for them. Even the weather decided they deserved a perfect day.

If I could photograph couples like Kate and Alex for the next 20 years, that’d be ok by me 🙂

I’d love you to contact me and if I’m available (fingers crossed), I would be so chuffed to be invited to photograph your wedding!



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