Wedding Photography is my life, but so is my wife!

I love what I do, but I need to do it for the right reasons!

I wish I could say it’s no secret that I work hard. However, most people aren’t aware just how much goes into being a wedding photographer. That is unless they’re wedding photographers themselves.

Most of my family, friends and even clients who book me have little idea just how many hours a week I work as a Brisbane wedding photographer. It gets even more time consuming when I travel long distances to photograph destination weddings. In the past two years I haven’t worked less than 80 hours a week. I don’t resent that! It’s just something that’s required to be able to service so many people who want me to photograph their weddings. Even though I absolutely love my job, my home life often suffers as a result. It’s very common for me and my wife Sarah to miss out on spending the kind of quality time together other couples get to enjoy on a regular basis.

I’ll sit here editing my client’s images while she looks at the back of me. When she wants to talk to me, she talks to me while my face is pressed up against the computer screen. I photograph weddings up to three times a week shooting up to 12 hour days for each of them and then I come home to find her tired from waiting up for me. Even if I walk through that door at 1am, Sarah is waiting up for me just so we can spend a few minutes talking. She’s understanding and patient, but how can she ever feel like I’m being a great husband while I’m spending so much time buried in my work?

I love my wife so much, but working 80+ hours a week is not healthy for any relationship!

It’s this very reason Sarah and I finally decided to get away. We made the decision to leave everything behind for a while and do nothing but be together and enjoy our marriage! After I photographed a wedding in Melbourne last weekend we took a trip up to country Victoria. We stayed at a B&B just out from Myrtleford, and from there we took in as much of the surrounding areas as possible. We even found ourselves driving up to the highest public road in Australia – above Falls Creek. We were surprised to find snow still on the mountain tops in October. Wow. It was beautiful.

The best thing of all was I got to see it with Sarah. We finally stood side by side photographing the scenery together for the first time ever! That’s been well and truly overdue!

My wife is wonderful and I’ve publicly expressed many times how happy she makes me. Even though I know how lucky I am, I couldn’t help but notice our bond reaching an even higher level while we were away.  Going away together was the best thing that’s ever happened to us. Spending that time with her made me realise what we’ve been missing out on.

So I’ve made a decision to reduce the number of wedding photography bookings I accept until I’ve managed to halve the number of weddings I photograph each year. It’s very important for me to ensure my wife and I can spend more quality time together, and when I do work I want it to be even more rewarding. I want to know that what I’m doing is helping us build a great life together instead of hindering it.

Let’s face it – I’m a wedding photographer and I’m in the business of doing my little bit to help couples treasure their special bond. If that comes at the expense of my own marriage then I’m not doing my job properly.

I thought I would share a few selfies Sarah and I captured in Mudgegonga, Victoria yesterday.

Thanks for reading!
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October 16, 2013
Sarah is a lucky, lucky lady. You are very wise to give your marriage so much thought and consideration....many work so hard to set themselves up for retirement only to lose what they're working so hard for along the way.
October 14, 2013
Finally people who discover what they have before it's too late, please stick with it.
Catherine Stanley
October 13, 2013
I am so envious, not jealous mind, just so great to see two people that know what is most important in life. Love. Congratulations and best wishes for all your time/s together.
Belinda Lee Johnson
October 13, 2013
beautiful tom! well deserved time away :-)
October 12, 2013
Still trying for the balance
Bob Rastas
October 11, 2013
Finding work/life balance is a challenge to maintain a reasonable mix when starting out in business. Kudos for getting to apoint where you are and remembering the 'important' things in your life/lives. I hope that after 25 years, you will feel the same way as I do with my beloved.. It nearly was a relationship no more, because I put career first in the early years of our marriage... Happily we worked it out!
Michelle McDaid
October 11, 2013
Beautiful. I would book you just based upon what you wrote here. :)
Jacqueline Tamati
October 11, 2013
Kia Ora Tom & Sarah :-) I wanted to say its such a Delight to see a Beautiful couple being So Happy and totally in Love :-) It Amazes me how much heart comes from 2 people. Before I get way with Myself I wanted to say that I am Proud Aunty to a very Wonderful Young Man called Israel Haddon who You know is Married to The Lovely Ivana <3 Sadly I wasn't able to attend due to unwellness. I would of given anything to be their with My Beautiful Kids My Daughter was asked to be part of the wedding party also. Once I saw Your work I cried, because I had never ever seen anything so Majesty. You made Ivana Shine even more. Im so Happy that You were the 1 that made their day so Wondeful...Thank you so so much for me being able to see it :-) In regards to this I would like to send to You & Sarah a thank you present in appreciation of the long hours You both do to make others feel Wonderful :-) I wanted You to be the first to receive something from My Beautiful Cousin who has appreciation for Your work too. Your Both Delightful & I wish Lots of Aroha ( Here in NZ that's how we say it) :-) Kind regards Jacqueline Tamat :-) Oh yes before I say see You later have You seen that Israel Ivana are on their honeymoon?! Some lovely :-) Take care Wonderful Sarah & Tom You'll be hearing from me soon. KEEP ON SMILING & SHINING AS YOU DO ( *_* )