This month of August marks the start of the second wedding photography season for the year. I say that, but for me it’s not really the start of anything because I am constantly working throughout the year. I don’t experience a wedding photography season like most. The reason for that is that I take booking throughout the whole year.

I’m currently still in bed and I’m about to get up and get ready to photograph the first of two wedding days this weekend. I’m really looking forward to them and based on my meetings I know my clients are going to be a ball to work with.┬áIn fact, I’ve been really blessed this year with so many wonderful clients who’ve been so much fun. It’s a great job and I often feel like I have to pinch myself. One day perhaps I’ll realise this was all a great dream and I’ll wake up to find that I’m not one of the luckiest people around. I certainly hope that’s never the case.

I just wanted to use this rare opportunity I get to blog so that I can check in with you all and say that I plan on uploading a lot more work over the next few weeks and blogging more as well. I’m certainly not going to be short on subject matter cause I’ve got a lot on over the next five months.

Stay tuned for more emotion and joy (and maybe even some craziness) over the coming months. Enjoy the last month of winter.

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