Wedding Photography Awards

If you’d asked me up until the start of 2011 what I thought about wedding photography awards I would’ve told you it wasn’t my thing. I had always been happy with my work. Right up until that first year of winning I didn’t feel the need to be recognised. To be honest, I still don’t know why I went ahead and entered my first comp. Maybe I got curious? For whatever reason though I will admit it was a good decision.

It’s had a positive effect on my career.

Apart from being recognised by my peers, which was nice,  the biggest bonus was that my clients were more into my creative ideas. This was the point my career changed direction and everything took off. It’s been great to be able to suggest an idea and have people jump on board.

I feel honoured that I’ve won these awards, sure, but more relieved than anything that they’ve afforded me creative freedom.

Awards aside, I’m still just that guy who loves photographing love. I hope you’ll choose me to photograph your wedding. Thanks for checking out my awards page!

If you’d like to read about my winning submissions from APPA please my blog here

Tom Hall