I would like to thank those who have taken the time to leave such beautiful testimonials about my wedding photography.

It’s always awesome to see so much gratitude and appreciation for what I do. All I want is for people to love my photography. It means the world to me to know that people can connect with my work. When I receive testimonials and expressions like the ones below I feel like I’m right where I should be. Thanks to my clients for choosing to book me to photograph their weddings! It means the world to me to know that a piece of me will live with them for life!

It’s a great honour! Reading these reviews always makes me feel happier than anyone can imagine!

Tom Hall

Big thanks to Zarn from Alice in Weddingland for these very flattering blogs. It’s great to know my work is being noticed by publications in other countries! Thank you so much!


I am so privileged to give a testimonial about Tom. He's perfect! He managed to make things work just when you least expected it. Talk about the weather on our wedding day, it was awful, then again, he surprised us with exhilarating photos! I just hope that you also got your own story to tell!
- Dee
Tom's skill and talent speaks for itself, just look at any of his photos and you can see that a true artist is behind them. Tom made me feel relaxed and beautiful and he captured so many facets of 'me' that it was hard to pick just one headshot for my acting profile. I intend to return to Tom's studio for some family shots in the near future and I highly recommend him to anyone.?
- Nita
When we first seen Tom's photos we knew we had to have him photograph our wedding day. What we then received in terms of service and talent from Tom was beyond our expectations. Our photos are truly amazing and everyone who sees them falls in love. Tom is genuinely a truly gifted and creative photographer with the ability to make everyone who is in front of the camera feel at ease. Tom contributed to making our day incredibly special and memorable. Sheridan & Mick
- Sheridan & Mick
Tom Hall took the most amazing wedding photos! Not only did he go out of his way to make the entire wedding party feel comfortable and beautiful, he took the most breathtaking photos I could've imagined. I was a little bit “out there” and asked Tom if he would be open to doing a Trash the Dress Shoot; something that not too many photographers are willing to do. Tom was more then happy to accommodate all my little quirks and the end result was just stunning, Not only did Tom do the shoot he gave it everything he had climbing into ice cold water and across slippery boulders just to get that “perfect” shot; He even dragged his lovely wife out on her birthday to do it! These photos are so beautiful that even my mother (who was dead set against the Trash the Dress) has said that she is so happy we did it. When Tom showed my husband and I our DVD I was just stunned, it was so beautiful, I later went home and watched it a few (15) times more before my husband dragged me away. So impressed by it I took it around to my mothers, mother in-laws, sister basically anyone I have ever met? My Mother has now seen it 5 times and every time she has a little cry. I can't give Tom enough praise over his work, if you are looking for a wedding photographer with real vision look no further. Thanks Tom
- Danielle
Tom, you captured the beautiful memories of my son, Chris and his new wife Kim's wedding in January earlier this year. I cannot thank you enough for your skills in photography. Every time I see my son and his beautiful wife in your photos, the day comes alive again in my mind and I live the happiness all over again. You are an extremely clever man, and I thank you from the heart for my memories of that day. Lyn (Chris's mum)
- Lyn Neale
Tom Hall is a true professional and provided us with amazing photos of our special day which we will cherish for ever. Nothing was too much trouble for Tom and he has a lovely calm manner. His pricing was very competitive and we highly recommend his photographic services.
- K Ketter
How do you give a testimonial that can truly sum up and give justice to the work of somone as brilliant and inspiring as Tom Hall? You simply can't. Words are not enough, but I will try. Tom, we can't thank you enough, from the first email we received from you, we knew you were the man for the job. You go above and beyond the expectations of clients, you made us feel as though we had known you for years. People say a photograph is worth 1000 words, your photographs say much more then that, they speak volumes of your commitment and the many hours of work you put in for each and every client. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for loving love and for just being you. Anyone can take pictures but it takes someone truly remarkable, like you Tom, to come along and capture moments in a persons life that others don't see and give them that moment in print to cherish forever. Thank you again.
- Allyce and Kate
Dear Tom, It’s quite hard to express just how truly grateful we are for the incredible abundance of breathtaking moments and memories you captured ever so perfectly as our photographer, on our Wedding day. We know you've heard this before but Tom, you are AMAZING at what you do!! You capture moments that even the most seasoned of professional photographers would DREAM of capturing! Your photos (as a great friend pointed out to me) are not simply photos. They’re ‘living joy’! They have so much life, energy and heart in them. They bring so much joy to all who see them and to all who've had the honour to be in them! Our friends and family were captivated by you and the energy and gracious spirit that you brought to our Wedding day. Now you have them all wrapped around your little finger again, as they discover that you’re not only great value to have around on the day, but your photography is kick ass! Tom our album from start to finish is beautiful. It’s filled with energy, colour, the finer details that we missed in the whirlwind of the day, true moments of love between family and friends, life at its finest, raw emotion, laugh out loud moments as well as ‘classic looks’ and facial expressions from the people who mean the world to us. They don’t just ‘tell a thousand words’. They move you, shake you, and even break you (up in laughter or tears). They put you ‘in the moment’ again and again. Tom, your photos are not just seen. They are felt. We love our Wedding photos so very much, as do all of our friends and family!! We can’t wait to hang your ‘living joy’ all over our home! It will be so exciting to relive the best moments from our Wedding every day when we look at them! Thank you so much not just for being ‘in the moment’ on the day but also for the countless hours worth of editing and love you put into making our photographs absolutely stunning. With the best wishes for you and your very bright future, may you never lose the captivating passion and love you have of photography! Lots of love and many, many thanks, Stephanie & Luke Wimpenny
- Steff & Luke Wimpenny
My wife Kimberley and I came to Brisbane from Adelaide for our wedding and found Tom online. After about 30 seconds on the phone I was convinced he was the one we wanted capturing our day. Our initial meeting felt like we had known Tom for years and he was fantastic during the night of our wedding and reception. I can’t remember enjoying having my photo taken s much. When we first received digital copies of our photo’s I was amazed at how good they were, when we received our prints I was simply blown away. He is an amazing artist and a hell of a nice guy to boot. With Tom we didn’t just get a photographer but someone we’re proud to call a friend. Cheers mate.
Tom Hall was the best investment we made for our wedding in May last year. Our memories have been captured permanently into stunning works of art. Photos are the only real thing you keep and display after your wedding day and Tom did a perfect job. Tom is personable and genuinely interested in making his clients and their family happy. He photographed our day exactly as it was and even special moments we missed being so caught up in the excitement of it all are now preserved forever. You can't go back and re-do your wedding so choose wisely. I highly recommend Tom to any couple looking for a wedding photographer. He will make your day and the rest of your life.
- Calla and Michael Dolton
Tom Hall Photography was more than we could've hoped for. We booked Tom at the last minute and didn't even have time for a meeting. Within 1 minute of meeting Tom we were being photographed by him. Some people have a knack for getting under your skin quickly and Tom is no exception. He is one of the most personable people we have ever met and not to mention incredibly talented. We had such a fun time at our wedding and so much of that was thanks to Tom. We never knew just how much a photographer contributes to the day, but we're so relieved we chose Tom to photograph our wedding. Out of all the wedding photographers we're confident he's the best. A&L
- A&L
Dear Tom, You are so much more than a photographer! Money cannot buy your passion and total commitment to wedding photography. From the moment Andrew and I met you we knew you were perfect. Your wonderful kind nature, genuine personality and extreme talent are second to none. Not only did you capture every aspect of our wedding, but everything in between. Our entire day was photographed – you were everyone at once - and we have the most awesome images to document the best day of our lives. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all your hard work, and your dedication. We wish you every success in the future. Having you photograph our wedding was an absolute honour. I don’t think there is a photographer that is more professional and passionate than yourself. Thank you so, so much!! P.S. Thank you also for the wonderful serenade during hair and make-up! Sensational!
- Alicia and Andrew G.
Tom Hall. Never has a name or talent been so synonymous with a photograph. It shows on every page that his photo's appear that he not only can capture an image, but the emotion, the heart and soul of a moment. This was ever more apparent to myself and my beautiful bride the first time we met Tom in our Pre-Wedding meeting. He got us, He got Love, and he knows photos. The time and care he takes in his work and art form are unparalleled to anything I've seen. The dedication and passion to get the perfect shot, the perfect moment captured is something that not only we will be forever grateful of, but our children, and our grandchildren. Thanks to Tom, we now have the defining moment of our everlasting love captured for eternity in the finest detail and emotion. Now and in years to come, we will look at the photos, and we will be there, dancing again, laughing again, crying again. To have someone take a beautiful picture is a gift, one that Tom possesses, but he also manages define the perfect moments, and immortalise them. For all those that are embarking on the beautiful journey of marriage, I would beg of you to let Tom write your story, through his gift, because it would be in no safer hands than his.
- Chris and Kimberley McAlpine
Aaron and I cannot thank Tom enough for his brilliant work and everything he did on the day. We booked Tom before meeting him, we saw his video on Facebook and knew he was the right choice for us. Meeting Tom in person confirmed this. Tom is the type of person that draws you in with his passion, honesty and caring nature. In our meeting a few days before the wedding Tom said to us "It is going to rain." As a Bride and Groom who planned an outdoor wedding, this was what we spent every minute hoping would not happen, constantly checking weather forecasts and being optimistic that the constant rain would suddenly move on. However, the way in which Tom said this was reassuring and even comforting. I remember it being the moment we accepted that our venue would likely change but that our day would not suffer because of it. Looking around his office we saw beautiful images of brides and grooms in the rain which took our breath away. Tom spoke about how much he loved photographing in the rain and suddenly the idea of a rainy wedding had a new appeal. Tom was right. It rained. And it was perfect. Tom provided me with the support I needed to take the bridal party out in into the rain in our fleet of pedi cabs. Tom donned his rain coat, we embraced the weather and the results speak for themselves. By the end of the outdoor shoot Aaron and I had abandoned our umbrellas, were soaked from the rain and felt happier than any words could describe. And these are some of our favourite images from the day. I must say that Tom was remarkable from the minute he arrived until the moment he left. Our wedding guests were so impressed by Tom that we still hear compliments about him. Tom was here, there and everywhere all at once. Most of the time I did not even notice him. Tom knows where to be, when to be there and how to capture the moment perfectly. I must also thank Tom for his guidance and support during the day. The bouquets which were delivered were not what I had ordered, and I was quite upset. Rather than just capturing my tears, Tom offered advice about how I could have this fixed and reassured me that I was within my right to have it fixed. As a distressed bride this meant so very much. Tom was not only our photographer, but also a valued friend. Thank you Tom, for all that you did. For your photography, your reassurance and your support. You became a more important part of our day than we could have ever expected and cannot thank you enough. Tom has our highest recommendation.
- Angela Cox
Thank-you so much Tom. From the moment we met you, we could see that you took so much pride in you work and your passion and love of your job is what makes all the difference. We will cherish these photos forever - they are the perfect way to look back on and remember our special day. We could not be happier with the results!
- Jessica and Rory M
Tom was our photographer in June this year. He was quite simply, the best. Our collection of photos is stunning and through sheer hard work, Tom captured the essence of our day from beginning to end. The man is a dynamo, we had no idea how he managed to keep up the pace from 11am to 11pm but he did and with such grace and good nature. Our guests loved Tom and we never felt like we were being harassed. We are extremely grateful to Tom for all that he did for us and truly respect him as the artist he is. Thanks Tom.
- Carly and Alastair
Our initial contact with Tom was a reply to our email searching for a photographer to shoot our Moreton Island wedding. His email read as sincere and open as his personality and we knew right away that this is a photographer we could click with. An artist with photoshop, he smoothed out the wrinkles of a 30 knot windy day and made us look just wonderful, still keeping the casual feel we wanted. As a Celebrant here on the peninsula, I have also had the opportunity to work with Tom on a professional basis and seen his craftmanship from other weddings. His promise that you wont even know hes there is true. I have no hesitation in recommending him to my clients and hope to be working alongside this talented man for many ceremonies to come!?
- Victoria
Every now and then you come across an amazing wedding photographer that just blows you away and Tom Hall did just that. Yes, the photos speak for themselves and they really are outstanding but the fella himself is a true gem as well. I am very fortunate to be involved in hundreds of weddings a year with my own wedding business and I can honestly say you could not wish for a nicer person to be involved in your wedding day – fun, thoughful, talented, creative….did I say talented!? It was a pleasure to meet you Tom at Sarah’s wedding in Maleny. I hope our paths cross again soon. Lisa
- Lisa - http://www.makeup4brides.com.au/
The greatest photos I have are the ones captured by Tom Hall. His fantastic energy shows in his photos, he is warm and friendly to work with. I felt like I could pull any face and he would make it look good, and this he did! I had loads of fun with my photoshoot, I cant wait to do it all again... 🙂
- Amanda
It is our pleasure to thank Tom Hall for his truly amazing effort at our recent wedding, which produced pictures only dreams are made off. This wasn't just any wedding! It was a cyclone wedding, with the power dropping out at 8:30pm! We were completely bummed that we wouldn't be able to get any good shots, however as we have come to expect from Tom he worked his magic and somehow created brilliant shots in the dark! We now have beautiful memories that will now last us a lifetime. We highly recommend anyone looking for not only a exemplary wedding photographer, but a great all around guy to look no further - Tom Hall is the one for your special day! Luke & Natalie Fraser
- uke & Natalie Fraser
Tom, thank you so much for giving everyone who attended Sarah's and Mitchell's wedding recently such a beautiful record of the whole day. You captured the thoughts and emotions of everyone involved and we weren't even aware that you were doing it. It is wonderful to look through the photos now and be able to see everything we didn't see on the day and during the night. You are a talented man with a true passion for what you do and we will be forever grateful.
- Jane, Sarah's mum
I can't rate Tom highly enough. After viewing his work and meeting with him, we decided he was the right person for the job. We didn't realise how much we under-estimated him! My husband was dreading the photos, but he actually had a lot of fun and Tom definately made it more enjoyable. He listened to our requests, was flexible on the day and his stealth in getting photos at the reception really has to be admired! It was great to get excited with him about the results of the photos as the day progressed. And the results - wow! Everyone we show is impressed - and we haven't seen the whole collection yet!! Tom, thank you for making the difference on the day and being such a passionate, hard-working artist that captured our amazing wedding day.
- Tina
Are you looking for the best wedding photographer? Look no further. We recently had our beach wedding on North Stradbroke Island and Tom Hall Photography captured our day. We knew we were doing it once and we had to get it right. We had searched many photographers online and once we narrowed it down to the final few we found that many photographers came across as business entrepreneurs selling us photo packages (and that's before they even took the photos!) What a relief when we finally met Tom. He made it all about us and our special day. He is just so passionate about his craft. As we looked around his studio we were surrounded by his art. We were excited as we had spend countless nights on his website prior to meeting him. You would think that one with a portfolio of his standard one would come with a big ego. Quite the opposite. Tom is humble, genuine and a true professional. I had a list of questions to ask Tom such as, what time do you finish? can you do a mock cutting? His reply was classic 'I don't do fake. Your either cutting the cake or your not. My job is to capture your wedding start to finish.' The choice was simple. On the day our bridal party and guest would come up to us and comment on how nice the photographer was while he disappeared into the background snapping away. He was open to all our wacky ideas and had a few of his own. We felt like rockstars! We did our wedding the way we wanted and Tom captured the moments that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you Tom Hall Mr and Mrs Streeter.
- Mr and Mrs Streeter.
Tom was the photographer for our wedding at Glengariff Historic Estate in August 2014. He made us both feel completely comfortable and at ease, and countless guests commented on how friendly the photographer was. When we received the images, we were more than happy with the quality of photos he took and the moments he captured. We have people constantly asking who our photographer was because everyone is in love with the photos. We definitely recommend Tom Hall to anyone who is looking for a photographer. Thanks so much Tom!
- Melanie and Jarred Allen
Scott and I could not be happier with our beautiful wedding photos. We booked Tom from the UK based on his portfolio as well as his professional and friendly manner on the phone. After meeting him in person, we knew we had made the right choice. Tom was so much fun to have around and a lot of our guests made comments about how great he was. He captured all of the fun and joy and silliness of the day, and captured moments that we had missed. He was so unintrusive and at times we looked at photos and said "How did he shoot that? We didn't see him there!". We will treasure these photos forever and will look upon them when we are old and grey. Tom is undoubtedly one of the finest wedding photographers in Brisbane and I am amazed that there are photographers out there charging twice as much as Tom, for work that is half as good.
- Emma & Scott O'Neill
Tom made our Wedding day even more amazing than we ever thought it could be. He is one of those people who have a special aura about them, who make you feel comfortable, and creates a beautiful atmosphere. I couldn't have thought of anyone else we would have preferred to photograph our special day. The difference between other photographers and Tom, is Tom has passion. He has such a love for what he does, that he makes it so fun. Our photo session from our wedding day is a stand out for Adam and I and one of the best memories from our day. He is a super star and it's not everyday you come across someone like Tom. Thank you Tom from the bottom of our hearts!
- Kylie and Adam Ferriday
Our wedding photos are nothing short of amazing! Thank you for all the LOVE and passion you put into our wedding day. You’re, hands down, the best of the best xx
- Ross Lapthorne
We had met a few 'ok' wedding photographers and then had the chance to meet with Tom. As soon as we got back in the car, we both looked at each other and knew we had found our man. Tom was nothing short of passionate when explaining his art to us and on the day he truely lived up to our very high expectations. What we loved the most about Tom was his willingness to accomodate our requests of 'natural' and unposed photos with a combination of some funky ones. The finished product was above and beyond our expectations and Tom's work simply stunned us when he sent us a beautiful slide show of our special day to watch while we cuddled up. We were so impressed with Tom's work, we almost felt guilty paying as little as we did for the art he gave us in return. We can't wait to grab him again to take portraits of our first born in September!
- D and I
So we're actually videographers, but we've been lucky enough to work along side Tom Hall on a number of shoots. The thing thats so refreshing about Tom is how calming he is on the day. No matter how stressed out things get on the day his calm nature seems to really put everyone else around him at ease. His photos are stunning but they really speak for themselves, they are really the bi-product of someone who takes pride in his work and settles for nothing less than perfect. We've worked with a lot of different photographers from many different price brackets so we've worked with the some of the best in this business and some of the worst. We really know the value of getting the right photographer and Tom is someone we would definitely trust and recommend.
- Lemon Tree Film House
My husband and I are so happy with the photographs Tom took at our wedding! He did such a fantastic job, from making everyone feel comfortable on the day to the amazing shots we received not long after the wedding. He is fun, passionate and outgoing, a real pleasure to have at our wedding. He worked hard all day and all night! The photographs are absolutely beautiful and flawless. We highly recommend Tom Hall. Thank you Tom for excellent work!!
- Rebeka
I cannot believe how time gets away!! My daughter Letia and son-in-law Macauley’s wedding was back in March, and although some memories have already been forgotten, it is quickly brought back to mind as soon as you look at Toms beautiful photographs. As soon as Tom entered our home, that camera started clicking and all our precious memories had started to be captured! With my other three daughters (all bridesmaids) getting ready for Letia’s big day, Tom was a real gentleman as well as a professional in his approach to his work. As you can imagine, things can get pretty crazy with a houseful of females, but Tom took it all in his stride and we all had so much fun!!! That day was teeming with rain!!! It was so wet; every brides nightmare. Did this bother Tom? No way!!!! He reassured us all that the photos would still be just as special and he was exactly right!! Just look at the ones on his web site. How amazingly beautiful they are!!!! Thanks Tom for all your hard work and being such a great friendly and caring photographer who felt like part of the family! I still cannot decide which photos to put out for display, there are so many great shots. I would recommend Tom Hall Photography to anyone at any time!!!!!!!!!
- Letia's Mum 🙂
Tom Hall, lost for words. You captured our day better than I hoped. THANK YOU. You are such a talent and I hope you grow bigger and better, why are you not known as one of australia's best? Get out there Tom, you're amazing. Alana
- Alana
Tom, you are a true professional! Luke and I feel so privileged to have had you photograph our special day! Not only are you one very talented photographer but you were a pleasure to spend the day with. We felt of you more as one of our bridal party than our photographer! You went above and beyond what is required to make our day unique - We felt like movie stars running through the mall!! Tom you were the first thing we booked in for our wedding day and we truly feel the most valuable. We absolutely love the photos you produced for us and would highly recommend you to anyone wanting an EXCEPTIONAL wedding photographer! I only wish I could relive it over and over again. THANK YOU!!
- Brighid Mackness
Tom Hall.. where to even begin.. When I first discovered your beautiful work online I just knew you were the right fit for us. When Jonathon and I first met with you a few days out from our wedding, in a week of stress and nerves and last minute planning, we officially became undeniably excited for our big day! Your passion for weddings and love and people shined through and it was absolutely contagious!! We were so happy and confident knowing you'd be there to capture all those precious moments- and that's exactly what you did.. Jonathon and I just adore the way that your photos tell the story of our day, perfectly capturing the roller coaster of emotions (i found myself feeling nervous again watching the shots leading up to the ceremony then relaxing into party mode as the evening progressed).. Just perfect! We found ourselves cracking up at so many of the moments and just love the way you grabbed onto that humour and silliness and these are some of our absolute favourite photographs. I can totally see Jon and I chuckling at these photos in 20, 30, 40+ years to come :p We honestly can not thank you enough Tom, every single photo brings a smile to our faces and we just can't wait to share them with all our friends and family
- Jonathon and Emma Angell
While being a fantastic photographer, it's Tom's ability to place his subject(s) at ease and create a relaxing climate that set's him apart from the rest. We recently sat for a family portrait with Tom and our 2 yr. old, with ants in her pants was taken in with Tom's engaging personality. Tom managed numerous great shots. His dynamic approach affords him wide scope as a photographer. We will exclusively use Tom for any future sittings and we strongly recommend anyone in the market for great photos to do the same Well done Tom!!?
- D Saul
Tom photographed our wedding in July and did a fabulous job. His committment and desire to capture that perfect shot was evident. Tom's service was above and beyond all expectations from the initial consultation, the week beforehand, the big day itself right up to when we excitedly went for the viewing of the final product. Which of course we were absolutely rapped with, we've never looked so good in print!
- Sharon & Dan
A creative genius with an ability to capture a person's inner beauty...I have enjoyed working with Tom on numerous occasions and have been happier with his images, than any other photographer. Working in media, I meet and work with lots of photographers but Tommy is not just artistically talented, he has an eye for finding you at your best and his personality and people skills allows him to bring the best out in you. This is a huge factor! You can have all the beautiful makeup and lighting in the world but if you are not your most comfortable best self, it shows. I rely on Tom for all of my head shots and portrait shoots because not only is his work divine!! I know that no matter what mood I'm in, what's happened in my day... He will find a way to make my laugh, feel relaxed and for my best to shine through. This is a gift you can't learn at any photography school ...
- Amanda Duval - Channel 10
Tom, from the first moment we met you were professional, courteous and very excited about your job. Something not lost on us is how much someone enjoys their work, and you certainly get a real kick out of helping people have the best wedding day they can! It wouldn't have been the same without you there, you are an amazing photographer and always kept your eye on what was going on around you. We are eternally grateful someone of your caliber was available to capture our wedding in all of its beautiful moments. I would recommend Tom to anyone for any occasion for the rest of our lives. Thank you Tom!
- James and Jenny Irvine
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September 11, 2021
I really have to say this to all of you out there who is still looking for their "man" to nail the job for their wedding photos. I am talking about a person who knows the ups and downs, the do's and dont's when it comes to taking gorgeous photographs. Tom has exmeplified his exceptional skills and his passion in his work when he took photos from our wedding day, needless to say, without no doubts at all, I have to give it up to this magnificent guy who has done a great job and exceeded our expectations!
Kylie N Daniel
November 6, 2013
Hi Tom, Its Kylie, I had the pleasure of meeting you at Jess and Josh's wedding Last Saturday. I would like to start by Saying Thank you, Thank you for ALL of your help and advise you gave me for taking my own photos, i Took photos for my Friend Leese to Practice editing on. She has started her own Business from home and has edited some of the photos, Shes not nearly as close as doing editing like yours but shes starting from the bottom and has had little training. I told Leese of you and your professionalism and how amazed i am of you and how happy you were to help me. Leese only got married herself a few weeks ago and her Photographer was MUCH different then you, She not only dressed inappropriately wearing a short dress and climbing a ladder above everyone but she lacked what you had much of, ATTITUDE WONDERFUL attitude! She had leese in Tears and all of her guests in shock and feeling terrible for the entire day. She would not allow ANYONE to take ANY photos of their own. She told the driver or the flower girls to go to the reception to wait there, which led to them missing out on location photos and she also failed to get ANY photos of the wedding BRIDAL PARTY. The Groomsmen were to follow her to the location in a car but she took off without them leaving them to miss out on photos also as they did not know where they were! A friend of Leese who is also starting photography decided to wait with the boys and try to get some photos, so at least Leese would have some of the groomsmen. The photographer then returned to where the boys were getting photos taken and got SO MAD that someone else was taking photos that she YELLED at Leese for breaking contract of having another photographer take photos. Leese was in Tears so a Bridesmaid asked her to stop the photo process. SO she took off and didn't return for the reception. So leese missed out on bridal photos and any Family ones at the reception. As you can imagine she is devastated. Something she can never get back are the Photos of her Wedding. SO i would like to Thank you. Thank you for not letting something like that Happen to my Sister in law Jess, Thank you for allowing her to share photos with other friends and Family, for including every aspect of her special Day. You are a photographer that is inspiring, you made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. YOU Tom made Jessies Day SO special and memorable and i can not wait to see what you do best on Jessies photos! Again I can not thank you enough!!
November 27, 2012
Tom, thank you for making Allyce and Kate's wedding day so memoriable. The day was perfect and that photos we have seen so far are breath taking. Thank you for your patience getting all the family photos completed. We can not wait to see the full collection. Our best wishes to you Philip and Lynda Maxwell
September 23, 2012
Hi Stephannie Thanks very much for that - I really appreciate the support! Tom
August 28, 2012
You have got to be my Favourite photographer in Brisbane I truly love your work. The standard is second to non which is why I always pass people on to you. keep up the fantastic work tom :0)
June 1, 2011
Tom Hall is a devoted and passionate fellow when it comes to taking wedding photos. He is well-loved by all because he works so hard. We booked Tom as our wedding photographer and it was a wonderful experience. Believe me, we entrusted him to our special day and he didn't failed us. The work was so beautiful I cried tears of joy!
June 1, 2011
I am so privileged to give a testimonial about Tom. He's perfect! He managed to make things work just when we least expected it. Talk about the weather on our wedding day, it was awful, then again, he surprised us with exhilarating photos! I just hope that others will make the same decision we did and hire TOM HALL PHOTOGRAPHY
May 31, 2011
I really have to say this to all of you out there who is still looking for their "man" to nail the job for their wedding photos. I am talking about a person who knows the ups and downs, the do's and dont's when it comes to taking gorgeous photographs. Tom has exmeplified his exceptional skills and his passion in his work when he took photos from our wedding day, needless to say, without no doubts at all, I have to give it up to this magnificent guy who has done a great job and exceeded our expectations!