My Wedded Bliss

Sarah and I have been together for more than 20 years.

When I first met her I couldn’t speak to her. Until I finally did, opening my mouth with the intention to talk would always be just that – an intention. My brain would literally shut off the minute she was in front of me – leaving me speechless! As the years have passed though we’ve developed an ease with each other – able to be ourselves and talk openly, continually creating the kind of bond that only those who’ve been together a long time could understand.

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that by now I would have learnt all there is to know about what attracts me to her, but that isn’t the case! Even though I’ve seen Sarah’s face so many times and had thousands of conversations, she still catches me off guard. When we’re out and I notice her across a room, or when we’re in the car and I look over to my left to see her looking back at me, I still find myself thinking, “How on earth did I snag you?”

When we’re deep in conversation and I think I’ve got all the angles covered, she’ll say one line and I learn more in a few seconds than I have in weeks. She’s quick, smart, mindful, benevolent, loving, understanding, and if I had 10% of her attributes I’d be a far better man!

I know I’ll never fully grasp the entirety of what makes her so amazing, but you know what? That’s okay by me! If for the rest of my life I regularly find myself feeling dumbstruck and speechless as a result of the effect she has on me, I’ll live forever blessed!

So why do I share this? Well, apart from the fact that I want to scream from every mountaintop how much I love my wife, I also want my clients to know that I totally get it! I’m such a fan of marriage!

When I’m working with my clients on their wedding day and while I’m pointing the camera in their loved-up direction, I have a very good idea of what their emotions feel like! I can fully appreciate their experience and that’s something that inspires me! I’ve photographed every wedding as a married man. I’ve understood how every one of my couples has felt on their most special of days. That’s why every single one of them will tell you that while we created images together I was just about as excited about their wedding as they were 🙂