Yesterday the heavens opened up and dumped more April rain than Redcliffe has been soaked in for the last 9 years.  It also happened to be the wettest wedding I’ve ever covered. Yep, it was a day filled with firsts for me.

Where should I start? OK, let’s begin with the fact that I never shy away from the rain. It’s something I tell my clients with pride! “Don’t worry about the rain. I love photographing in it!” However, when the big guy upstairs really put on the works yesterday I found myself thinking, “I like the rain God, but this is something else!” Still, I wasn’t giving in even though deep down I was worrying that it was simply too heavy!

Something that made the challenge that little bit more exciting was the fact that it was the first day I got to use my new Nikon D800. I’ve read a lot of amazing reviews about this little camera, but never had I read anything on how well it does in the rain. I got to say though, the camera absolutely blew me away yesterday! Not only does this little black box boast an amazing 36 megapixels, I quickly discovered it handles the dreariest of weather with ease! It somehow found Chris and Anna through what seemed to be millions of litres of water falling between us, and focussed perfectly every time! If I had not had the D800 yesterday I wouldn’t be typing this rather happy blog right now.

Something else happened yesterday that really brought some sunshine into a rather grey day! While I was photographing Chris and Anna’s portrait session I experienced yet another first. I was standing in the middle of the road in the pouring rain with my new camera in hand, when Andrew Mickile from Atlantis Statesman Executive Cars who had never met me before, walked across the road with his own umbrella in hand and held it over my head while I shot the rest of the frames for that location.

In all the years I’ve been a Brisbane Wedding Photographer I’ve never met a limo driver (or any other service provider for that matter) who would extend his/her service to anyone other than those who’ve paid his/her bill. It really showed his willingness to offer his clients a complete service, and I couldn’t write a blog without mentioning it. It’s a moment in the day that really stood out for me. Actually, out of all the moments I’ve experienced photographing weddings, this one will always be a real highlight!

So to you Andrew – thanks very much for not only being a true professional, but for also being a hell of a nice guy!

Chris and Anna’s wedding was a challenge to be sure, but regardless of how miserable the weather was, the wedding itself was filled with love and joy! Even though it’s said to be good luck to have rain on a wedding day, water didn’t need to fall from the sky to prove that Anna and Chris will have a wonderful future.

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