Brisbane Wedding Photographer – Tom Hall Photography

Brisbane Wedding Photographer – Tom Hall Photography

Hi, my name is Tom Hall and I am a Brisbane Wedding Photographer. Firstly, thank you for visiting my website. Considering Brisbane has so many wedding photographers, it means a lot that you’ve chosen to see what I’m about.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

My Style

Your wedding day is about you – not me. My job as a photographer is to retell your story, not mine.
I strive to create the kind of atmosphere where people feel relaxed. I want you to feel happy and free to be yourselves. I want for you to be completely at ease while knowing that if you ever need any assistance, I’m there for you – all day.

Why do I stay for 12 hours? The story of a wedding doesn’t start at the ceremony and end at the start of the reception. A wedding day is exactly that; a day!  Considering your wedding is such an important once-in-a-lifetime event, I feel there’s no other option than to ensure all of it is captured.


I’m not a bossy or overly controlling photographer. I am always happy and easy going when I work. I love what I do!


If you’re not keen on the idea of posing there’s no need to be concerned. I love to capture weddings in a reactive and candid fashion.
However, if you feel a little posing might suit your wedding photography, but you require a little guidance when it comes time for the location images after the ceremony, I’m only too happy to help. I will ensure the process is fun, easy and completely natural. If you’re someone who loves posing and getting your swag on, then great. We can do that too! After all, before weddings, I started my journey photographing models and fashion, so I also thrive in that style and environment. My job is to adapt to the infinite different personality types that exist and I love the fact that no couple is ever the same.


As well as being a Maleny and Brisbane wedding photographer, I am more than happy to travel throughout Australia and overseas.

I sincerely hope you enjoy looking through the many pages of my website and seeing some of the many weddings I’ve captured over the years. I invite you to contact me as I would be very happy to photograph your wedding.

Have a great day or evening.

Tom Hall AAIPP.
Fully Accredited Associate AIPP Brisbane Wedding Photographer

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Maleny and Brisbane Wedding Photographer – Tom Hall Photography

If you’d like to see a list of awards I’ve won please click here:

Why am I a Wedding Photographer?

Why am I a Wedding Photographer?


I’ve been a wedding photographer since just after I got married in 2007. For over 8 years I’ve been capturing people’s big days and having an amazing time in the process. I’ve established myself and I’ve even managed to win a few awards along the way.

To be honest I never thought I’d become a Brisbane Wedding Photographer. I always thought I’d end up being a singer. Before I picked up a camera, music was my idea of the ultimate form of creativity. I loved the fact that I could sing and put a smile on people’s faces. However, the day I photographed a wedding was the day I experienced the joy of creating something that two people could treasure for the rest of their lives. Photography is so personal and the rewards I get from that are indescribable! The day I discovered this was the same day giving up the dream of becoming a rockstar became a piece of wedding cake!

When I initially made the choice to focus on photography (pardon the pun) more so than my music, a lot of people told me I was stupid and that I was making a huge mistake – a lot of people! Now days though, I think they understand why I made that choice. I think they can now see that I’m truly happy being a wedding photographer. I think they can appreciate that there’s great value in having a job that brings joy to others as well! It’s that very reason that I can’t possibly regret how things have turned out.

How can I regret my decision when I get to meet people like Ross and Rachelle?

I know I thank people a lot, but my gratitude never ceases, so neither should my need to express it 🙂 I want to take this opportunity to thank Ross and Rachelle for booking me and for trusting me with their incredibly special day! I’d like to share some images from their wedding. Ross and Rachelle are amazing people and are the perfect example of why I wouldn’t ever want another job! I can’t help but smile every time I think of their wedding!




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A Rainy Wedding Miracle

A Rainy Wedding Miracle

When I left on Saturday morning to drive down to the Gold Coast and be Matt and Alyce’s wedding photographer I was ready for a day I wouldn’t forget, but I wasn’t prepared for a rainy wedding miracle. After all, the weather was terrible! With 80km winds and a predicted 200 millimetres of rain to fall between 10am and 4pm (which ended up being over 280mm), it was easy to imagine that this would be a wedding like no other.  I wondered how Matt and Alyce would keep it together.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer Tom Hall

Considering all of the love and time they’d put into their wedding plans over the past 12 months (as well as thinking back over my past experiences with other rainy weddings), I was imagining I’d walk through the door to see nothing but tears. I was so concerned about the effect the weather might have on the couple that during the drive down I was rehearsing what I’d say to them if they became emotional. I was also trying to figure out the best way to elevate their spirits if need be.

However, when I finally arrived and saw Alyce and Matt’s beautiful smiles I can’t tell you how relieved I was and how happy I felt for them! At this stage there was clearly still hope that the day would go ahead as planned and that the rain, though very much an inconvenience, wasn’t going to win the upper hand. Everyone still intended to drive out to Piggabeen where Matt and Alyce would tie the knot.

Prep was awesome! The most common sound I heard all morning was laughter. Every single person in that room was supportive, positive and jovial and I can’t commend everyone enough! Not one person said anything negative that might’ve changed the mood. It was one of the most enjoyable mornings I’ve ever had at a wedding!

Just before everyone was due to leave a very happy prep and travel to the ceremony location in NSW, Alyce’s Mum told us that the roads had been cut by flooding and that there was no way to get to the wedding. Then when the announcement was made that the ceremony would instead be held in the upstairs lounge room of the same hotel we’d been all morning, I paused and held my breathe waiting for Alyce’s response. I was so inspired when she replied to her mum by saying, “OK, great!”

So they got married in a lounge room overlooking the wildest seas I’ve seen in years. Even though the weather outside was gloomy and miserable, inside it was as if the sun was shining! Alyce and Matt’s motivation for their wedding was; to get married. The very real prospect of their plans going out the window didn’t put a dampener on their wedding ceremony. I was floored by Matt and Alyce’s class and grace! I think the fact that they’re so besotted with each other made having to get married in the lounge room seem like it was the plan all along!

But that’s not the end of the story – merely the first part. Sure, Alyce and Matt had successfully exchanged their vows, but where would everyone celebrate? The reception was also planned to be held at the Piggabeen property. Here we all were dressed to the nines in the lounge room of a hotel in Coolangatta faced with the new reality that none of us would be driving to Piggabeen, NSW. Nor would we ever see the fully decorated marque on the property that they’d so lovingly prepared for the big day.

So Alyce’s sister got on the phone and called a local radio station who then put out the call to ask if any venues would donate a wedding reception space. It was a massive ask and I can honestly say I didn’t expect a great response, which is why I was completely blown away when the Arundel Hills Country Club so graciously put up their hand! I want to take this opportunity to congratulate their General Manager, Marcus Sullivan and his amazing staff for turning what may’ve been a rather unfortunate evening into an event that paralleled other very well planned weddings. I’d also like to give a huge shoutout to Tammie Fowler, owner of interior design company Style onQ for also throwing herself in with such little notice to do her amazing part in saving the wedding. The room looked great!

I’ve been in this business for a while now and what both Style onQ and the Arundel Hills Country Club achieved was truly unfathomable! Everyone threw themselves into saving the day and I’m now so happy that for the rest of Alyce and Matt’s lives they’ll get to look back on their wedding day and remember that they wholeheartedly enjoyed every second!

Matt and Alyce’s very (very) rainy wedding was a testament to the fact that if love is the motivation for marriage then nothing can take away from it.

Clear Mountain Lodge Wedding

Clear Mountain Lodge Wedding

Hey babe, I’ve had an awesome day at work today. I finally got to photograph Kirsty and Brodie’s Clear Mountain Lodge Wedding. Poor things had to change their venue because the place they’d originally booked turned out to be pretty useless. I’ve shot at that other wedding venue before and it was clear to me then that their love for weddings had become a distant memory. I’ve decided I won’t be taking on any more bookings for couples getting married there.

Thankfully though Kirsty and Brodie’s new choice of venue up on Clear Mountain employs a young wedding coordinator named James who obviously loves what he does. He took such great care of them and bent over backwards to make sure their wedding was perfect, and it was.

What a wedding, honey! I felt so inspired all day. Brodie was present at every moment and totally fixated on Kirsty who looked incredible wearing the most stunning Justin Alexander gown and flower crown. You know I love flower crowns and that I’ve arranged shoots with models just so I photograph them. You can imagine my excitement when James brought that large arrangement of flowers into Kirsty’s prep room. I think I gasped when I saw it!

Speaking of prep rooms, guess who was doing the makeup? Sue McLaurin! What a champion! She’s such a great person and ridiculously talented too! That lady can’t put a foot wrong. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect her work is! Every time I walk into a room and see her standing there I feel an immense sense of relief. If Sue’s working on the makeup, the bride’s going to feel incredible – which works just fine for me!

Sue wasn’t the only person there who’s one of the best in the business. Bill Scurry was at the wedding too! The man’s a legend! Sure he’s great at what he does and performs an amazing ceremony, but I think the reason he’s such a brilliant celebrant is because he’s such a lovely human. Bill’s the gentleman who was the celebrant at my sister Amanda’s wedding. Bill’s the person I compare everyone else to. He sets the standard in my opinion.

I loved Brodie and Kirsty’s Clear Mountain Lodge wedding! I love that I got to photograph it! They were so cool! When we went off site to capture some location portraits we took a dual cab work ute and Kirsty even sat in the front which got everyone’s attention. It’s not every day you see something like that. It would’ve been a real buzz for people driving past. Then when we got to the creek they were rock hopping and doing whatever they needed to to get the photographs. Then just as I thought things couldn’t get better, as we were driving the clouds parted and the sky turned on a colour show. We just kept jumping out of the ute and literally photographing here, there and everywhere! It was awesome. They were so keen and they took direction beautifully. Kirsty and Brodie were without a doubt two of the most invested people I’ve ever worked with.

I can’t wait to process their images and show you how beautiful their day was. I love you Sarah and I love that I have a job that continually reminds me just how brilliant it is to be with the one you love!  Clear Mountain Lodge Wedding

Clear Mountain Lodge Wedding

Wedding Gown: Justin Alexander

Flowers: Dee’s Flower Shack

Celebrant: Bill Scurry

Makeup: Sue McLaurin

Hair: Nicole from Hair 4 Brides

Venue: Clear Mountain Lodge

Photography: Tom Hall Photography