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Hi and thanks for visiting my website. I am a qualified professional Wedding Photographer. I photograph weddings all over Australia and beyond. I am an easy going wedding photographer. I am happy when I work and I am always patient and understanding.

While my aim is to allow the story to unfold naturally, I’m also more than happy to help clients achieve a more stylised look if that’s what they desire. Some people like candid, some like classic, others are into quirky and I’m into all of it.

I hope you enjoy looking through my website and seeing some of the wedding photography I’ve captured.

If you like what you see and you’d like to find out more about what I offer please feel free to drop me an email via my contact page.

You can also view my Facebook Photo Stream Here. It has even more images you can check out as well.

Have a great day or evening.


Tom Hall

Brisbane Wedding Photographer – Tom Hall Photography


Recent Awards:


International Awards

9 Bronze Awards –  Loupe International Awards 2014 – Wedding Category

2 Bronze Awards –  Loupe International Awards 2014 – Portrait and People Category

2 Bronze Awards –  Loupe International Awards 2014 – Landscape Category

National Awards

Silver Distinction award 2014 AIPP National Awards – Wedding Photography Awards Category

Most Popular Photographer – Top 3 Australian Wedding Photographer – WIEA

State Awards

Most Popular Photographer – Best Queensland Wedding Photographer – WIEA

Most Popular Photographer – Best Brisbane Wedding Photographer – WIEA



National Awards

Australian Professional Photography Awards Top 3 – Wedding Category 2013

AIPP Associate Honours 2013

Gold award 2013 AIPP National Awards – Wedding Photography Awards Category.

Silver Distinction award 2013 AIPP National Awards – Wedding Photography Awards Category.

2 Silver awards 2013 AIPP National Awards – Wedding Photography Awards Category.

State Awards

Silver Distinction award 2013 AIPP Queensland Awards – Wedding Photography Awards Category.

Silver award 2013 AIPP Queensland Awards – Wedding Photography Awards Category.

2 Silver awards 2013 AIPP Queensland Awards – Portrait Photography Awards Category.

Silver award 2013 AIPP Queensland Awards – Illustrative Photography Awards Category.

International Awards

5 Bronze awards – International Loupe Awards 2013 – Wedding Category

1 Silver award – International Loupe Awards 2013 – Wedding Category

1 Bronze award – International Loupe Awards 2013 – Illustrative Category



National Awards

4 Silver awards 2012 AIPP National Awards – Wedding Photography Awards Category.

State Awards

Silver award 2012 AIPP State Award – Portrait Photography Awards Category.



International Awards

Global People and Travel Photographer of the Year 2011 – Global Photo Awards


  • Lisa Thomas - January 11, 2014 - 10:09 PM

    I can honestly say – if you are looking for your wedding photos to simply ‘Wow’ then Tom Hall Photography is for you. Every photo is a piece of art in itself. How a bride and groom choose which photo to put on their wall is beyond me! I love them all.

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Now Booking Murwillumbah Weddings

I first visited the town when I was a teenager and to this day it holds a very special place in my heart. Every time I return memories come flooding back and I can’t help feeling an immense sense of joy when I’m there. A big part of why I love the place so much must be attributed to my first girlfriend, Rebecca.

I met Bec on a Summer camping trip to Fingal (another one of my favourite places).

Before I found out where Bec lived I was hoping she’d say she lived up the road from me in Brisbane, but it turns out Rebecca lived in the little volcano town south of the border. Even though there was some distance between us it didn’t deter me from wanting to spend as much time around her as possible. Actually, the distance was nothing! If I’d found out she lived in Cardiff I still would’ve found a way to be with her.

So every weekend I could scrape some money together I would travel from Brisbane to Mur-bah. It gave me the opportunity to get to know the area really well. The amazing thing is that even though those days were so long ago, every time I return it feels like it was only yesterday. I guess once Murwillumbah gets under your skin it never leaves you.

So why do I want to shoot weddings in Murwillumbah? Well, it makes my heart sing and that has such a positive affect on my work. Everything I know about Murwillumbah involved me being in love so it only makes sense that I photograph weddings there.

If you’re planning to celebrate your wedding in stunning Murwillumbah, please be sure to consider booking me. I’ll be there with bells on.

Murwillumbah Wedding Photographer

Murwillumbah Wedding Photographer


Murwillumbah Wedding Photographer


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Why am I a Wedding Photographer?

I’ve been a wedding photographer since just after I got married in 2007. For almost 7 years now I’ve been capturing people’s big days and having an amazing time in the process. I’ve established myself and I’ve even managed to win a few awards along the way.

When I first picked up a camera I never thought I would ever become a professional photographer. I always thought I’d end up being a singer. For me, at the time, music was the ultimate form of creativity, and I loved the fact that I could sing and put a smile on so many people’s faces. However, the day I photographed a wedding was the day I experienced the joy of creating something that two people could treasure for the rest of their lives. Sure, writing a song can bring joy to others for a long time, but photography is so much more personal and the rewards I get from that are indescribable! When I discovered this, giving up the dream of becoming a rockstar became a piece of wedding cake!

When I initially made the choice to focus on photography (pardon the pun) more so than my music, a lot of people told me I was stupid and that I was making a huge mistake – a lot of people! Now days though, I think they understand why I made that choice. I think they can now see that I’m truly happy being a wedding photographer. I think they can appreciate that there’s great value in having a job that brings joy to others as well! It’s that very reason that I can’t possibly regret how things have turned out.

How can I regret my decision when I get to meet people like Ross and Rachelle.

I know I thank people a lot, but my gratitude never ceases, so neither should my need to express it:) I want to take this opportunity to thank Ross and Rachelle for booking me and for trusting me with their incredibly special day! I’d like to share some images from their wedding. Ross and Rachelle are amazing people and are the perfect example of why I wouldn’t ever want another job! I can’t help but smile every time I think of their wedding!





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I haven’t photographed much in Sydney, but every time I go down there I’m inspired. Oohs and Ahs are common place in Sydney and there are enough locations for a photographer to explore to last a lifetime. It’s a truly exciting place to create.

When Neil and Zoe asked me to find out what it’s like to be a Sydney Wedding Photographer for a day, I happily jumped at the opportunity. I got down there the day before and visited  all the places we would be celebrating the wedding. I kept having to remind myself that I only had 12 hours cause the options were endless.

I love working in Brisbane, but accepting bookings to photograph weddings in Sydney and Melbourne has opened up a whole new world of creativity to me. I’m really looking forward to returning to NSW and Vic again this year to photograph even more beautiful interstate weddings.

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  • best wedding photographers in delhi - February 20, 2015 - 5:53 AM

    Great location, great couple, great photographs. Love the third one down straight into the sun, great flare.

  • Soumen Nath - July 13, 2014 - 11:31 PM

    Oh, wonderful clutter free and clean images. Very nice work.

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