Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

When I was little there was one thing that would make me happier than anything else. I’d get so excited when Mum would tell us we were driving to the Gold Coast. As far as family outings or trips away go, there was nothing better in my mind. I loved everything about it; the sun, the surf, the positive energy, the happiness and even the smell of coconut suntanning lotion.

It might sound strange but I loved how the smell of salt seemed to follow us wherever we went.

As a kid I saw the coast as the ultimate escape. If you had asked me, “where do you wanna go today?” I’d always respond by saying, “the beach!”

These days I still have the same feelings when I visit – especially when I walk down to the sand. That water has an amazing affect on people. Thankfully for me, a photographer, it seems to have a direct affect on romance as well. When a couple are on the beach it seems to bring them even closer together. I’ve seen it so often. I’m by no means what you’d call a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer – mainly because I live north of Brisbane. That doesn’t mean though that I don’t feel that same sense of excitement when I get invited to photograph a wedding there.

Even though I’m not technically a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer, I have been photographing a lot more events there lately. There’s a different vibe on the Coast. I can’t put my finger on it, but weddings there are nothing like those in the city. Perhaps my perception governs my reality in that regard and perhaps others don’t sense the same difference, but for me the Gold Coast offers completely different options for photographing a wedding, and I love it!

I’m inspired by the Beach. It’s impossible for me not to get caught up in the moment there.



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