Another Year

I thought the best way to express my gratitude for an amazing year was to write a wedding photographer poem. Thanks to all of my clients; past and present who have entrusted their special days to me and thank you to the people who have shared their joy and love so openly.

Another year has come and gone

My days so right outweighed the wrong

I’ve smiled so hard my cheeks got sore

But never once was work a chore


I’ve ruffled dresses, straightened ties

Pinned flowers on some scary guys

I’ve even copped a speeding fine

Trying to make the church on time


Beaches, backyards, chapel aisles

Cityscapes and country smiles

Friends who’ve travelled far and wide

Families hearts so filled with pride


Drunken best man burns the groom

Embarrassed faces fill the room

A bride who learns a lesson new

That buck’s nights story wasn’t true


I’ve met some lads who shared some jokes

And copped abuse from angry folks

“Don’t take my picture or you’ll die”

But still I’ve clicked, don’t ask me why


I’ve shouted “Yes!” a thousand times

The loudest one amongst the pines

I’ve danced the jig, I’ve punched the sky

I’ve even been the first to cry


So much passion burns so bright

I’ve captured it with pure delight

There’s nothing else I’d rather do

Than photograph a love so true


Every moment big or small

I’ve tried my best to catch it all

Thanks to those who shared their days

With me in such amazing ways


Gold Coast Wedding Photographer - Fins at Plantation House 001

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