Our Collaboration at “The Old Dairy Maleny”

What happens when some seriously talented people get together with a wedding photographer and a common goal? THEY MAKE PHOTOS! Occasionally I’d see a wedding pop up in my feed featuring the The Old Dairy Maleny, and I’d instantly feel a jealous pinch that other photographers were getting to work there regularly and I wasn’t. There isn’t anything that venue doesn’t have. If there was a checklist for the perfect place to capture wedding photos, The Old Dairy would tick all the boxes. What wedding photographer doesn’t want that in their life?

Then one day the heavens heard my plea and Keighley from the venue, on the tail end of a message, casually invited me to come and “take some shots”. Alrighty-then! I probably did a little bit of a dance round my desk at that stage. Time to start planning! For a few months the idea knocked around in my head. It wasn’t that I was deciding whether to shoot there or not (that decision was made instantly), I just wanted to make sure it’d be great! I wanted to collab with people whose work has continually blown me away.

So Rewarding

There’s something super satisfying about collaborating with people just as passionate about their craft as you. From the minute I arrived at The Old Dairy Maleny, it felt like I’d left the rest of the world behind. Everyone was there for the same reason, and it felt like no matter what happened we’d all bring our A-game. For 5 hours we were fully immersed in the task of creating pretty pictures, and I loved it! It was better than I could’ve imagined. I don’t do a lot of styled shoots – maybe one a year at the most. However, since the shoot on Monday I’m trying to figure out how I’ve let that be the case for so long. I had a ball! Everything pretty much fell into place except for the fact that I wish the afternoon had lasted twice as long.

Everything just seemed to click and even though we were all socialising, laughing and enjoying the afternoon like we were on holiday, we created these images together.

I can’t express how lucky I feel that everyone in the team had said yes to the shoot. Everyone poured their hearts and souls into their work and I’m so chuffed with the results. Team, thank you. Experiences like this only fuel my enthusiasm for what I do even further, and I’m already looking forward to organising more styled shoots in the future.

Here’s to more great afternoons and awesome collaborations! Shoutout to everyone who brought their a-game on the day.

•Gowns: Wendy Makin Bridal

•Makeup: Erin Fedele Beauty and Makeup Artistry

•Hair: Ayloula Hair Design

•Jewellery: Maleny Jewellers

•Flowers: Redcliffe City Florist

•Venue: The Old Dairy Maleny

•Photographer: Tom Hall Photography

•Model: Bonnie Stewart

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