Here is a sneaky little peek from Chris and Louise’s wedding at Branell Homestead Laidley. Branell Homestead is such a great place to have a wedding. Its a bed and breakfast, but it really so much more. The  homestead is gorgeous, the Laidley views are amazing, the venue is picturesque, and it even features a great lakeside Pavilion so that you can even host your reception there. Everything a wedding could ever need is there. Couples and their guests love it, and so do I! Every time I’m invited to photograph a wedding there the results are always magic!

So enough plugging for one day – I wanted to quickly mention how lovely Louise and Chris were and thank them for booking me to photograph their wedding.

I had a great time and everyone in their bridal party was a blast to work with. We laughed all day and it resulted in a really relaxed and happy collection of images. It’s always cool to work with people that you’d just as easily go out to dinner or a drink with. Great people always result in great images, that’s for sure!


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Brannel Homestead Laidley

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September 15, 2013
Absolutely stunning!!! congratulations Louise Freeman and Chris! XXXXX