Anzel and Mark

I’ve been writing a blog about how beautiful Anzel and Mark’s wedding was. I first mentioned the pretty chapel and all the work they put into the decorations. Then I talked about the venue, “Room 360” which they chose for their reception. After that I went on and on about Anzel’s gorgeous styling by The Powder Room. In the end though I wasn’t talking about the right things.

I guess sometimes when I meet a couple I feel like my words won’t do them justice. That’s when I default to talking about stuff. I’ll waffle on about decorations, locations, colours and the weather, but ironically I’ll often choose not to write about the real story – their love.

Sure, put a camera in my hands and I can communicate a couple’s love all day. That’s what I do best. However, ask me to write about a couple’s love with words and I’ll suddenly worry that I’m not describing it perfectly. Love is difficult to write about. It’s something we feel, not necessarily something we can explain.

If I was to try I would say Anzel and Mark’s love for each other upstaged everything else on their wedding day. I often had to force myself to photograph the stuff, because photographing them when they were anywhere near each other was far more rewarding.

The way they look at each other makes me happy for them – like it’s all going to be ok no matter what happens in life.


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March 29, 2018
Wow, truly beautiful pictures and looks like such an amazing wedding. Congratulations to all.
May 23, 2017
So many great captures throughout the day.