Super Tip for Camera Confidence

Nervous in front of the camera? This is my super tip for camera confidence. 

Being photographed can be an intimidating experience for a lot of people. Rest assured that your feelings of anxiety about not looking or feeling your best in front of the camera are completely natural. You’re not alone.

Overcoming Unwanted Gestures

If your eyelid twitches, your top lip quivers, you get butterflies in your stomach, your mouth becomes dry or you freeze, this can be quite uncomfortable for some. For others it’s akin to what they’d imagine living in hell is like. However, I’m here to tell you that kind of physical reaction is completely natural and not something to be concerned or embarrassed about. For starters, it doesn’t usually last long. These sensations usually disappear in the first 15 minutes. However, for those who can’t seem to shake it as quickly, here’s a super tip for camera confidence that with a little practice works like a charm:

Think of the people in your life who make you feel genuinely happy and grateful.

How’s that gonna help?

Well, fear and gratitude don’t coexist easily. Gratitude’s often considered the equaliser to fear. When we focus on gratitude the brain’s ability to focus on negative thoughts (like being nervous) becomes significantly impaired. Gratitude very effectively changes your state of mind in a positive way. By successfully shifting your focus to gratitude, you alleviate fear without even trying. It’s a lot easier to relax and be yourself while you’re feeling appreciation for what’s special to you.

The great thing about gratitude is that it makes it really hard not to smile. Even if you’re someone who usually struggles to show their pearly whites, feeling gratitude helps make smiling less of a challenge.

Instead of allowing yourself to get caught up in the fear of not looking good, take a deep breath, and get busy being thankful. Trust me, your true positive self will shine through… and you’ll look amazing.

One last thing: This super tip for camera confidence doesn’t only work in front of the camera 😉

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