Wedding Dress Rescue

First of all, I’d like to pay my respects to Steven Tougher from NSW Ambulance and offer my sincerest condolences to his family, friends, health workers, and fellow Paramedics. Something I can’t help but think about is that if it had been any other day in any other situation, Steven would’ve bent over backwards to help the very same man who robbed him in such a tragic way. Steven, I’m so sorry that your countless acts of selflessness still weren’t able to protect you from the cruel ironies of life. To those who are grieving deeply at the moment, please know I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the sacrifices you all make to protect the rest of us. Your caring natures in the face of danger will never go unappreciated!

Ambos Are So Special

Yesterday, on Sunday the 16th of April, 2023, outside “The Komo” on Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe, in what I can only describe as a deeply touching moment – we all witnessed another example of what makes an “Ambo” so special. For me personally, this was a reminder of the goodness that still exists in humanity. These moments show us that even in difficult times, people will still support one another, demonstrating the depths of both compassion and the resilience of human spirit.

The wind was creating somewhat of a challenge on Angela and Simon’s wedding day, but Jacqueline, a Queensland Ambulance Service paramedic, came to the rescue and ensured Angela’s gown was back in place. The couple were visibly touched and very surprised by this spontaneous act of kindness. Angela described the moment as, “Something truly special,” and I suspect she’ll remember it every time she sees an ambulance drive past. When I thanked Jacqueline for coming to Angela’s aid, she responded by saying, “I’m married, and I’ve been in that position. I was happy to help.” Not only are these people relentlessly brave and tirelessly committed to protecting and saving the lives of others, they’re also incredibly humble and selfless.

I feel privileged that this moment happened in front of me. I’m so grateful I was able to keep my nerve while photographing it. I am very honoured to share these very special wedding images with you all. The world’s not fully broken, and I’m grateful yesterday reminded me of that.

Paramedic Wedding Dress Rescue (PrintRes)-1_0002

Paramedic Wedding Dress Rescue (PrintRes)-1_0004

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Media/Press Contact

Queensland Ambulance Service Facebook

Photography: Tom Hall Photography

Venue: The Komo, Redcliffe

Celebrant: Married By Jay

Videographer: MyFilm Australia

Cake: 2 Chefs and a Cupcake

Hair and Makeup: Blushd Brides

Blush’d Brides featuring Radiant by Ellen Violet 

Blush’d Brides featuring Elizabeth Crossley

Flowers: Blooms by Bridie

Styling: Wild Cherry Events

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