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In my 15 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve found that many couples share a similar concern. They often express a love for candid vs posing photos and ask me not to direct them during the shoot.

Of course, I respect their wishes and commit to capturing only those spontaneous moments. However, when their big day finally arrives and we start snapping pictures on location, it soon becomes evident that the couple is a bit lost when it comes to interacting naturally and creating those picture-worthy moments.

As the photographer, it’s difficult for me to watch this unfold, especially since I’ve agreed not to step in with any guidance. If they keep struggling for a few minutes, I’ll gently touch base with them to see if they’re truly comfortable creating these moments without any direction, as they initially asked.

Most of the time, they’ll say something like “yes, we’re fine!”, while they continue to struggle to find the organic moments together.

The Benefits of Subtle Guidance

That’s when most couples realise that relying only on candid vs posing shots can be tricky. In fact, it can be even harder than just following some simple guidance from the photographer. I’ve had clients tell me, “I hate posing,” and I get where they’re coming from. But I also know that on their big day, they’ll be grateful for some tips to create those picture-perfect, candid looking moments.

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Taking Comfort in Experience

The benefits of getting a little help from a professional photographer are huge. For one, it takes the pressure off the couple to constantly come up with moments themselves. They can just relax and enjoy their special day, knowing they’ll still get amazing pictures. Plus, a seasoned photographer can give small suggestions that lead to natural-looking photos, which are pretty much the candid shots couples are looking for.

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It’s important to know that there’s a big difference between awkward, stiff poses and the gentle guidance that an experienced wedding photographer offers. This kind of help makes couples feel comfortable, captures real emotions, and tells their love story in an authentic way. The photographer’s expertise makes sure the couple’s unique personalities shine while still getting those candid-like images they want.

Even though candid photography might sound great at first, a little direction from a skilled photographer can make all the difference in getting those truly unforgettable shots. By accepting this help, couples can have the candid feel they want and enjoy a stress-free, memorable wedding day.

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