Well, from the moment I captured the “cake cutting disaster” photo last week until today, the image has managed go from the back of my camera to being featured in the Huffington Post in the UK, and The Daily Mail then travelling over to the US where it’s been featured on the Good Morning America website as well as landing a TV spot on the “Fox and Friends”  show in New York this morning.

It’s been viewed and liked on Facebook thousands of times, shared by so many, and my site’s traffic has quadrupled in the last three days. I am honoured to have been a part of Ken and Amanda’s beautiful wedding and very happy I was able to capture a moment that has gone from seeming like a bit of a disaster to creating some much joy for everyone involved.

Who would’ve thought destroying a wedding cake could result in so much happiness and being enjoyed by so many people throughout the world. If you’d like to read the blog about Ken and Amanda’s wedding day (and see other photos from the sequence), please click here.

Cake Cutting Disaster



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