Yep, I’d say my shoot capturing supermarket wedding photos with Scott and Jenny was a little different.

The fact we were given permission to do this made the whole experience feel effortless! I can’t think of how many times I’ve wanted to do a shoot in a supermarket. I love the more classic styles sure, and based on the fact that so many of my clients love them as well, I’m very honoured to photograph those genres for them. However, I also love having a ball with the clients who possess a strong desire to step outside the square and do things differently – to not only create those wedding photos that they feel expected to. The other reason I love these kinds of shoots is because I’m a bit out there (Don’t ask me where “there” is cause I haven’t worked that out yet).

I often hear people ask, “What kind of photographer are you?”  The answer is very simple: What ever photographer I need to be on the day. I say this all the time – I’m that kind of photographer because it’s not about me.

A lot of people who book me initially think they have to be a certain something for me – as if they need to impress me, as if no image can be created without my approval. Even though I appreciate the fact that people respect my opinion, seeking my approval is not what I’m paid for! It is NOT my client’s job to make me happy – even though I can’t help but smile while I work. It’s my client’s job to experience their day, feel completely free in the moment to be whatever they want to be while trusting that I’ll be there to capture it. I want for my clients to not concern themselves with what I want. I only want for them to be happy on their wedding day and to capitalise on my presence making the most out of the fact that I’m there to tell their story, not mine. I want to photograph them doing whatever they want to do, not what they think I want them to do.

If clients  look to me for guidance during a shoot, sure, I’m there for them 100% and I can make suggestions to help them find that zone. I’m also happy to pose my clients if they’re after something more styled, but at the end of the day I am their communication tool capturing images that will tell their story for a lifetime and beyond. I am the guy who snags those little pieces of the chemistry people share. I want for my clients to understand that I’m there to be utilised! I am the vessel and clients book me to do them a service, not the other way around.

I loved working with Scott and Jenny cause they just got it! They ceased the opportunity and jumped right into the experience (and the trolley) of capturing these supermarket wedding photos.

Thanks Scott and Jenny for such a great day!

Tom Hall


Supermarket Wedding Photos

Supermarket Wedding Photos

Supermarket Wedding Photos

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Libby D'Arcy
November 5, 2013
Nice melons Scott Davidson
Bronwyn Arnold-Briggs
November 5, 2013
Love this! Scott & Jenny so glad you are a little left of center!!